Cooper Saver in the Near Future

We chat with LA's own Cooper Saver before he plays The Rooftop on Saturday, June 24th and Friday, July 7th.

THE ROOFTOP: Last summer, your "ultimate summer jam” was “Stop Bajon” by Tullio De Piscopo. What's hot for this summer? 
COOPER SAVER: Morgan Geist's latest 12-inch is going to be on repeat all summer. Everything he does lasts the test of time and stands out with his unique and exceptionally well-produced style. "Manic Cinq" is the one for me. I can see it working great late-night in a warehouse and also on a rooftop with the sun shining.

"I find carefree attitude refreshing." –Cooper Saver

You're playing this Friday, June 24th, with Jen Ferrer and your special guests Daydreams of Australia. What’s your favorite thing about Daydreams?
Their parties in Melbourne are very special. Jen and I got to play back-to-back for about five hours and the crowd was with us all the way. Daydreams and I have nearly identical taste and they're not afraid to take risks, which is something I definitely admire. They're all about fun and building a community. It's not a pretentious setting. That's what's up!

It seems you have a special connection with Australia. Did you go back recently? 
I did a two-week tour of Australia again back in February and had a fantastic time. There's definitely a special connection musically. All of the stuff that's niche and more underground sounding here in the States seems to be super popular and celebrated there, which is amazing. 

How would you compare Australia to California?
The California vibe is definitely present down under, especially in Melbourne where people are laid back. I think the beach culture is one of the biggest things both places have in common.

Coming next on The Rooftop (Friday, July 7th) is Project Pablo from Montreal. It seems like Pablo is a rising star. What would you say makes Project Pablo special as an artist?
Project Pablo is an extremely talented musician and DJ. It's hard to find people who are actually pro at both crafts. People tend to be better at one or the other, but he's unstoppable in the studio and behind the decks equally. He's also defined his own distinct sound, which is something that often takes people a lifetime to achieve, and he's done it already at a young age. I also find his carefree attitude refreshing.

You keep on bringing all these cool artists to LA. Friendships put aside, which artist really blew your mind recently? 
Prins Thomas really blew my mind a couple weeks ago. He's one of those guys who can cover a lot of ground musically and manages to tie it all together in a cohesive way. There's a certain energy that he brings that cannot be beat. I also just watched the Sonar Festival broadcast of Avalon Emerson and Courtesy, which reminded me why they're some of my favorite DJs and people. I can't wait to have them both back this year.

Classixx's "Grecian Summer" (Cooper Saver Dub)

And what about your own music? What's cooking?
I'm spending this summer at home in LA to focus on finishing tracks. I've been hitting the studio a ton with my friend Filip who makes music as Turbotito and Poolside. He's been an amazing mentor. I'll have an EP out on his new label at some point in the near future. Project Pablo and I have a disco edit 12-inch coming out this fall and I'll probably have some more remixes out later this year.

On Saturday, June 24th, The Rooftop presents Cooper Saver
Jen Ferrer and Daydreams
The Standard, Downtown LA | 9pm

On Friday, July 7th, The Rooftop presents Cooper Saver
Jen Ferrer and Project Pablo
The Standard, Downtown LA | 9pm

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