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The 10 Best Things We Saw At MOCA's Step and Repeat

If you aren't familiar with MOCA's Step and Repeat, it's not what it sounds like. Far from a lit up red carpet with photographers awaiting celebrities, the annual event's name alludes to seeing one art piece, performance, or installation and then stepping on to the next. Over the course of three days over 30 artists present works.

To top it all off, the glorious bunch headed over to The Standard, Downtown LA to keep the party going. As the result of the historic rains that drenched LA this past weekend, the party was moved inside to SPiN Standard. The lovely Juliana Huxtable was on the ones and twos.

Here are 10 of our favorite moments...

1. Freak City LA's installation at the MOCA Store

2. Rosé Hernandez epic performance

3. Azul's heart-throbbing performance on Saturday evening

4. Seeing MOCA's curator Philippe Vergne and his beautiful wife Sylvia Chivaratanond

5. Kodak to Graf's psychedelic drummer/dj performance

6. Ho99o9's horrifyingly great performance

7. The remnants of comedian Kristina Wong's set

8. Thundercat crashing James Flautleroy's set as the surprise guest

9. A site rarely seen in LA; a pile of wet umbrellas. Hello, the rainiest weekend in history!

10. Juliana Huxtable's letter to the people

11. Juliana Huxtable DJing our after party

Nacho Nava of Mustache Monday's

Step and Repeat next year

All images by Jacqueline Verdugo.

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