July 06 2015

Taking a Bath with Skye Parrott

New York-Shot at The Standard

Hopefully by now, you know all about our app, One Night Standard, for spontaneous, same-night stays at all of The Standard hotels. And if you’ve downloaded and delved into said app, you probably noticed the medley of beautiful babes (both male and female) lounging in our beautiful beds.

Photo by Skye Parrott

Perhaps you wondered…Who are those babes? What do babes think about in bed? What brilliant photographer captured these snaps that are making me feel so, um…spontaneous? Does my bed come with a babe?

To answer the last question first: no. The babes themselves shall remain our secret, but the photos were shot by New York-based photographer and Dossier mag founder, Skye Parrott. We’ve loved Skye’s eye for a long time, and couldn’t be more pleased to have her photos setting the stage for your spontaneous Standard stays. (Hint: shake it to see more.)

Sky Parrott in the Hudson Studio of The Standard, High Line by Kat Slootsky

Right now, over at AllDayEveryDay’s Digest, check out an interview with Skye (and some beautiful snaps of the photographer soaking it up in The Hudson Studio at The Standard, High Line) as part of their ongoing “Bathing Interview Series”. Interview here.

And if you haven’t downloaded ONS already: get it now.