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Style Masters: Strokes Guitarist and Solo Artist Albert Hammond Jr.

Strokes guitarist/solo artist/all-around-nice-guy Albert Hammond Jr. just released his latest solo album, Momentary Masters, and Standard Culture caught up with him to talk a bit about style inspirations, movies, and some of his favorite new artists.

STANDARD CULTURE: Let's go back to the start...what were the first fashions or looks that really resonated with you when you were younger?

ALBERT HAMMOND JR.: My top five would probably have to be: John Lennon’s white suit, Beethoven's hair, Buddy Holly's glasses, Bob Marley's morning runs, and the Clash!

Do you have any favorite pieces/outfits that have stood the test of time over the years?
I like when time brings in new things and it's a constant, subtle evolution. Nothing ever stays the same.

We know you're a big film buff. What are some movies that you think really represent awesome style, either sartorial or cinematic?

In no particular order here are some favorites: The Godfather, Manhattan, North by Northwest, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Don't Look Back, Chinatown, Harold and Maude, Being There, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Dr. Strangelove, The Graduate, A Clockwork Orange. There’s too many really. We could be here forever - haha.

What are some things you have been looking at lately that have captured your imagination?

I'm really into Tali Lennox's artwork. Everyone should check out her work.

You just released a new album, Momentary Masters, and you worked with Lizzie Nanut on the cover. What was that like?
We're sisters or brothers or whatever you wanna call it. Working with Lizzie is like falling in love. You can do it over and over again.

What are your must-have items for summer style?
Nude bodies, of course. What would summer be without them. 

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