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The New Standard Moves

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, we've been exploring the wide world of cures—from Los Angeles to New York, from the kitchen to the club, from the mental to the spiritual, and everywhere in between. 

But what about physical cures? Fitness may, in fact, be the best cure of all for what ails you. Keeping (or getting) yourself in shape by building strength and flexibility does a world of good. 

To coincide with this push towards greater wellness, we've relaunched our well-loved online hub Standard Moves. The new Standard Moves is a simple way to learn new fitness techniques, poses, and find inspiration that you can apply to any area of your life in any sized room imaginable. Even a hotel room.  

If you like the looks in each gif, you can thank Outdoor Voices, our favorite stylish stuff for effortless workout style.  

Here are some gifs from the site to get you going, and for more, visit Standard Moves.

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For more, check out Standard Moves

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