Your September Horoscope: Stay Calm Through The Storm

September has arrived, and she brings with her even more astrological intensity to our already tumultuous world. But it's not all negative. This is a time to grow, evolve, and come out on the other side better people. Plus, we've got our dear in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, to guide us through the storm and reach the calm. Read on for Lori's full essay, plus your individual horoscope for the month ahead. "Be specific, strategic, and, most importantly, kind to yourself and others."
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2020 is the year that just keeps on giving. We are in the final quarter, so please hang on, because it may get worse before it finally gets better.  

As we enter into fall, the celestial skies are busy with activity and challenging us to grow. The next three months will test our endurance; all decisions must be carefully weighed.  Take a pause before taking action. Impulsivity can lead to disaster and we’ve had already had our fill.

This is a time of astrological intensity. The warrior planet Mars turns retrograde on September 9th and remains until November 13th. Mars is positioned in his ruler, Aries, a most potent alignment. Mars can be the planetary toddler; he wants what he wants. He does not like being constrained in any way and wants to do what he wants to do. Sound familiar? When in retrograde, the warrior is held in place, magnifying its power. Mars makes stressful aspects to Saturn and Pluto, a.k.a. the COVID Cluster.  This represents the unfathomable events of recent months—the pandemic, social unrest, political polarizations, fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. There’s also our mad dash toward the historic November presidential election. I’m sorry to say things won’t much improve until we end this hellacious year.  

With Mars in retrograde, expect heated exchanges and tense communications to occur through early October. It’s probably a good thing that many of us still work from home.  Mars will square the planet Saturn. Saturn is the karmic father of the zodiac. He disciplines and holds us accountable for our actions.  If the planets can do it….?  Seriously, imagine Saturn as a tweet; he would say, “every action has a consequence; it is called karma. Mars’ tweet would read more like “I want to do this now,” jumping into action without thinking about the consequences. 

These two polar opposite energies butt heads and make September especially hard. Saturn is slow, restrictive, and cautious. Mars in Aries is impulsive, curious, and bold.  This alignment encourages us to be brave, to leave our comfort zone (yes, for many that means, safely venturing outside of your house) and forge a new path. In this period of astrological confusion, you have an opportunity to take charge of your life’s destiny. Energy flows where your attention goes.  Make sure that you are clear with your intentions. 

This month, it is also critical to choose your battles wisely. It will help cut down on unnecessary conflict. How do you manage conflict?  We can learn to work through conflict without betraying our dignity. I’d steer clear of political fights on social media. Don’t incite a riot with an unmasked person on the street. Instead, turn inward and think about how you’re going to maximize the next year. Exercise, vape, meditate, volunteer, or just breathe to help manage frustrations, as obstacles will likely arise.  

Use the discerning Saturn energy to restrain the spontaneity of Mars. Question your motives; consider your actions. Be specific, strategic, and, most importantly, kind to yourself and others. 

We’re almost there. Ride the wave of the September storm. And yes, I agree. 2021 can’t come soon enough.  
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Fasten your seatbelts, Aries, September is going to be a bumpy month. You are entering into a challenging period; for the next three months, your ruler Mars will go retrograde in your sign. This intensity kicks off on September 9th and doesn’t end until November 13th. Being that this is the last time this transit will happen in your lifetime, it is epic. Envision yourself as the hero in an action movie, the protagonist triumphant after enduring tremendous odds. You are the quintessential Nike ad— “Just do it," but hang on a minute. With Mars retrograde, don't just do it, ok? Aries, you cannot win every battle, so learn to pull back, compromise and make concessions when warranted. Watch your temper, as you will be frustrated and easily annoyed, so reel it in, please. People are unhinged these days and you must choose what and who is worth slaying. Mars is squaring Saturn all month long, and it may feel like you are driving with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake. Saturn's energy is restrictive, cautious and stoic. At best, these integrated energies can bring great focus and endurance. They play out in your career and personal life. At work, you must go to battle for what you believe. Aries, pick your battles wisely. You must take time for self-care. The tendency will be to take on too much work, but your energy is not up to the task. Be kind to yourself, because even superheroes need to rest. 
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, September is a highly creative time, yet it all happens behind the scenes. Mars, the warrior planet of action, goes retrograde in the sign of in Aries from September 9th through November 13th. He will activate your 12th house of solitude, retreat and wisdom. This house is hidden, and it is a time to turn inward, to discover parts of yourself you’ve never seen before. It’s as if you won the self-reflective lottery. If possible, it’s best to work solo, ideal for those who are currently working from home, and to keep that arrangement until January 2021 when Mars moves into your sign. You are in an incubation period, Taurus. Come next year, all eyes are on you. During the Mars retrograde, be aware of frenemies, especially others who take credit for your work. Choose your battles, Taurus. You rarely get angry, but when you do, ouch! Virgo's new moon on the 18th brings in a burst of creative energy. Relish in it, Taurus. Find your hidden treasures. I cannot wait to see what you dig up.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, where's your posse? You're going to need one now more than ever. No one can survive 2020 alone, trust me. With the support of others, you will be able to accomplish a lot this September.  Mars, the planet of desire, action and aggression retrogrades from September 9th until November 13th. I won't sugarcoat it. This configuration is a very challenging one as Mars retrograde brings things that piss you off most to the surface. You can give in to the anger or channel it into productive and positive expression.  Remember that energy flows where attention goes.  Pay attention to self-care, family and service. The most divisive presidential election in history is around the corner.  Ruled by Mercury, your superlative communications skills can make a real difference. Use your gift for gab to be an influencer among friends. Mars activates the 11th house of community, networking, organizations and personal goals. He also bumps up against stoic Saturn, restraining Mars' impulsivity and bringing new obstacles. It all comes back to focus: keep those long-term dreams and passions top of mind. With determination and a little help from your friends, Gemini, you'll get through the month with some sense of center. 

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cancer, September is one tumultuous month.  It's 2020, so what do you expect?  Mars, the planet of action and courage, will retrograde in Aries from September 9th - November 13th, highlighting your 10th house of career.  This alignment will not happen again in your lifetime; please do not squander the opportunity. Though things may be different than life pre-COVID, now is time to get back to work with a vengeance. Mars in Aries provides an invitation to act boldly and reflect upon your professional life. Are you content? Making enough money? Doing something that makes your heart sing?  This may be the perfect occasion to venture out and start a new career.  Think back to what you dreamed of becoming as a kid; that is usually an authentic desire.  Okay, maybe not an astronaut, though it does sound nice to jet off to another planet right about now. Cancer, keep it realistic and honor your craving for financial security, especially now. Saturn, the planet of caution, tames Mars' impulsive energy and will prevent you from making rash decisions. Mars plus Saturn equates to a celestial compromise. Stay focused and determined. The result is the advancement of your career in unimaginable ways. Cancer, get to work!
Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, fall is here, yet the heat hasn't cooled. The last quarter of 2020 is the most turbulent of this fiery year. We are so close to a reprieve in 2021, just hang on! Leo, it is imperative that you balance your daily routine with aspirations for a better future.  It sounds politically preachy, but it is election season, after all. Plus, it’s time to make positive, courageous change. Mars, the planet of action and drive, will go retrograde from September 9th - November 13th. Mars retrograde will try and challenge your effort, much like 2020 has done for everyone.  Plans may be stifled, and uncontrolled anger provoked.  Do not be seduced downward.  Rise up and find ways to elevate this heightened energy into protecting yourself and those around you.  Mars activates your 9th house of the higher mind, foreign culture, spirituality and the law.  These are the deeply human aspects, ripe for inspiring change. You just need to share your intellectual and creative ideas for the common good. Leo, you will dogmatically defend whatever you believe in and hold dear. Mars also invites aggression, so be mindful and choose any battles wisely.  You'll feel the urge to travel, which is pretty challenging these days. Exercise patience and you'll see those new passport stamps eventually.  Leo, let the lion roar as you help us create more good stuff. 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Happy Birthday, dear Virgo!  September is harsh, but knowing we are in Virgo season should provide some solace. I promise we're nearly out of this hellacious 2020 and things will normalize soonish again.  Virgo, your power lies in being of service to yourself and others.  It revives your spirit and we need your generous spirit now more than ever.  This is the time to find a project of meaning.  What inspires you?  Which activity or cause makes you lose track of time?  Initiate it now, blow it up on social media and enlist your people, especially the voluntaristic Virgos!  I promise it will help ease the anxiety that colors 2020.  From September 9th-November 13th, Mars in Aries will go retrograde. Mars is the planet of action, aggression and drive. This is like a double-edged sword.  I told you September is harsh!  When Mars slows down, be wary of tensions that may arise. Disagreements and unconscious anger are likely to come to the surface. Pay particular attention to your 8th house, which governs finances, intimacy and shared resources. It's also critical to ramp up your daily self-care routine and indulge in some pampering.  After all, it's your birthday, Virgo.   And we're so glad to celebrate you while you selflessly serve others!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Listen, Libra, we are in the final countdown of 2020.  I urge you to use your extraordinary diplomatic skills wisely over the next three months. September is going to really test you! But I know you'll rise up during these volatile times. Mars, the warrior planet, goes retrograde from September 9 - November 13th. The drama will play out in your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and business. Libra, you do not like confrontation, especially in your partnerships where you tend to keep the peace at all costs. Well, pesky Mars has other plans in store. Though prompting action, Mars is also argumentative, impulsive and angry, so expect some challenges in your relationships. You tend to over-compromise, rarely expressing your full truth. Well, now is the ideal opportunity to do so! With Mars' retrograde in Aries, the planets have your back. Just go for it! Meditate first and then share your feelings.  I can't promise nirvana, but if that relationship is meant to thrive, it will; if it's time to surrender it, you'll know, and it will be liberating. It is still 2020, unfortunately. We are all letting go of something that doesn't serve our highest good. Including, God willing, our current “presidential” administration.  Address conflicts or you'll end up drowning in passive-aggressive behavior. That's just ugly. Instead, be bold, be courageous and use those mediating talents to smooth over the bumps September brings. Mars goes direct again in mid-November.  Hold on, Libra, and help pacify us in the meantime.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, get disciplined this September. Your signature intensity doesn't rival that of 2020's, am I right?  I know you respect brutal honesty, Scorpio, so I'm sorry, but obliged, to say that 2020 will not lighten up until mid-November.  Mars, the planet of action and will, goes retrograde from September 9-November 13th.   Your house of work and self-care are activated.  Scorpio, a daily routine is critical right now, especially physical activity.  I don't care if you deep clean your home, join online Zumba, paint your office, or pick up trash on the beach, just get moving.  It's what will keep you sane.  You are the most resilient sign of the zodiac, but it's been so much this past year, even for stalwart Scorpios.  When feeling enraged, and who isn't these days, channel it productively and positively.  Engage in hard work, then reward yourself with luxurious self-care. The bright spot of September shines in your house of friendship and community.  Network, host a socially distanced outing, preferably in nature as the weather cools.  Reach out and look for new opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and professional connections.  You never know what great ideas will germinate with two minds rather than one.  LinkedIn is still an amazing place to start. If you are looking for work, just reach out. It will pay off. We are 65 days away from the most historic election in decades.  If you can apply your intensity and discipline to fighting fascism, please do!  Your sign always shows up in times of need.  You are needed now, dear Scorpio!  

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, September looks like one somber month. But you always see the glass as half full.  After the year so far—and we're in the final, quarter stretch—we need you to keep the faith.  Please share it widely, especially now.  Mars, the planet of action, passion and drive, goes retrograde from September 9th - November 13th. He is stirring up your house of creativity, romance and kids. This is the happy stuff to fill up your cup!  Did you once play an instrument?  Pick it back up and enjoy making music again. If there are any DIY home projects left after COVID, infuse them with fun; engage your partner or friends to help out.  This is also a time for connecting to the kids in your life as well as to your own inner child. With Mars spreading his unconscious anger, your antidote is creativity. Great art is usually born out of life-changing events like ones we are experiencing. Robert Mapplethorpe went through his most creatively fertile period after being diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. Frida Kahlo picked up her first paintbrush following a near-fatal bus accident. Sag, you do not have to have a near-death experience to be creative; living in 2020, we are witness to immense suffering in the world. There's also a new moon in Virgo, highlighting your career.  Pay close attention to the details and within six months you can reap the rewards at work. Please help others to see our cups as half full, Sag.  We need your optimism now more than you know. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, September brings you back to the eye of the storm that has been 2020. But you're stoic and your sign has survived the brutal, badass planets trashing you since January.  Now Mars, the planet of action and aggression, goes retrograde from September 9th-November 13th. Mars retrograde slows everything down, brings unconscious anger to the surface, and invites you to break free of constraints. He is holding court in your 4th house of home. Cap, make sure your therapist has availability this month and stock up on the CBD.  Family dynamics can become tense. Old wounds may open into new conflict. It's been a long year and will be a long September, so you'll need to dig deep into those 2020 reserves for even more patience. I'd recommend hanging Post-it Notes of the serenity prayer every day this month.  You must have the wisdom to know what you cannot change. Mars is also at odds with Saturn, your ruling planet.  Imagine driving with one foot on the brake, the other on the accelerator.  Capricorn, your natural response is to hold back, so an extra push from Mars may be just the kickstart you need.  Add in time for self-care, preferably alone.  It's essential to your survival against this mean month.  Long baths, time with loved ones, or sweating out stress on the Peloton can be your antidotes. When overwhelmed, think of NYC, hit hard by COVID, crime and economic hardship. People are saying New York is over, just as they did after 9/11. Guess what? New York is a Capricorn, and Capricorn always comes out on top. 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, September calls for restraint. As we wrap up an insane 2020, you'll need to watch your words.  Everyone is on edge, so being mindful of your communications, whether in-person, online, or via old-fashioned paper, is critical. Mars, the warrior planet of action, will go retrograde from September 9th-November 13th. He is activating your house of self-expression, community and attitude. Mars can be impulsive and aggressive.  Sound like someone we know?  Aquarius, you are usually the smartest person in the room. Your mind is sharp, quick and argumentative.  It is rare for you to sway from your ideas and you don’t care if others agree with you or not. That sounds like Mars in action. Don't be like Mars, Aquarius. This month, try a different approach.  Instead of using intellectual superiority to alienate others, influence rather than force.  Your fine mind needs an outlet for the agitation that may arise.  Per the hit show “Hamilton,” "write your way out." Just think before you share your writing with others.  Disseminate that information which helps, heals and defends—especially now. Mars can fight dirty, but remember that you have the upper hand, Aquarius.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, September is gifting you some positive celestial alignments. The month begins a hopeful, full moon in your sign. The lunar energy is inspiring you to have faith and to envision your future. The magic of Pisces is to dream it, then make it happen. Intimate relationships can deepen. Take the risk to express your feelings when they come up. You're tender and do feel everything, so brace yourself for September’s hard alignments, as the planet Mars will retrograde on September 9th - November 13th. Mars is the planet of action, passion and assertiveness. When slowed down, the energy is frustrated, ready to lash out and it is aggressive. Your self-worth, talents and cashflow are under Mars’s control. It is the opportunity to reassess your accomplishments, self-worth and your abilities. Are you getting paid your worth? Do you need to reinvent yourself? Mars will come up against the cautious Saturn, who restrains Mars's impulse. You may feel you are facing insurmountable challenges. The antidote is to focus, be disciplined and work hard. Do not take on more than you can handle—your tendency is to overwork. When you're getting pissed off or frustrated, stop, play music, keep envisioning your dreams. Pisces, we all believe in you, please believe in yourself. 


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