Pam Ann's Indispensable Travel Tips

Australian comedienne Caroline Reid’s alter ego, Pam Ann, has become an international sensation lampooning the air travel industry. Racy, raunchy, and “cruelly funny” (according to Madonna), Pam Ann performed at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach over Swim Week. We asked for a few insider travel tips. Hold on to your oxygen masks.

How do I get upgraded to first class?
Pay for it!

How do I get my room upgraded at a hotel?
1) Plant a dead mouse in the bathroom.
2) Know someone at the hotel.
3) Be a VIP social media whore.
4) Just fucking pay for it!

Have you heard of airplane Kama Sutra?
I’m guessing that people who practice Kama Sutra are flexible (and incredibly irritating), so having sex in a confined place wouldn’t be a problem for them. I’m no expert in Karma Sutra–I just do black and anal.

Best places on an airplane to join the ‘Mile High Club?’
In your seat with a blanket over you and the slut you’re making it with. The toilet is not the best option with piss all over the floor. True story, I founded the ‘Mile High Club’ in 1975 with Bob Marley on a flight to Montego Bay. He penned a song about it, ‘No Woman, No Cry’.

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