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Our Love Of Short Shorts Continues

Grab some popcorn! This coming Thursday, August 29th, Standard Talks and NewFilmmakers LA in conjunction with Peroni present the third and final installment of our popular screening series, Short Shorts, at The Standard, Hollywood. Short Shorts is a monthly event featuring four short films, followed by conversations with the people who made them. This month’s films include:

Queen - directed by Adam Rose

After finding out that her plans to adopt a child will be denied, Nikki Holiday, a drag queen cabaret star, still getting over a break up from her long term boyfriend, does her best to fill the void in her life. When a young bouncer, who works at the theater, lends a helping hand in continuing her pursuit to become a parent, Nikki comes to realize what she's had all along.

Little Odessa - directed by Natan Moss

This twisted thriller introduces us to a cab driver who thinks he can handle just about anything, until the events of this particular day cause him to wonder if he's in way over his head.

Stealing Time - directed by Alex Calleros

When a down-on-his-luck inventor builds a time machine to change the past, he unwittingly sets off a disastrous chain of events.

Narcocorrido - directed by Ryan Prows

The Narcocorrido, a drug ballad in the Mexican folk-music tradition, mythicizes seedy border tales of the modern west: drug lords, human trafficking, arrests, betrayals, shootouts and murder. Naija Dillion is a Yuma County Sheriff’s deputy, an outsider and minority in her community. Gravely ill, Naija robs a notorious cartel shipment in a last-ditch scramble for survival. When the robbery spirals out of control, Naija finds herself caught up in a narcocorrido made real. Can she recognize her shared desperation with the traffickers, men with families in danger if they don’t succeed in their delivery, or will she suppress her own humanity to live?

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