One Night Standard

One Night Standard: Reason to Book #364

Why book a One Night Standard? We have our reasons...'re familiar. It's the place we go and spend the day pushing buttons on electronic devices until our brains go fuzzy. When you're emailed out, Zoomed out, and ready to take a break from the endless circling back, open One Night Standard.

Here's the deal: 

Download the app. It's easy to find in the Apple and Android stores. 
Sign up. It's free! 
Wait until 3 p.m. local time. That's when we release last-minute rooms for your nearby Standard tonight. 
Open it up. Check the rates: They're the lowest you'll find anywhere. 
Book your stay. Select your room and check out with a credit card, simple!
Check into the hotel. We've been expecting you. ;) 

And then, the rest is up to you. Hit the dance floor, soak up some "me time," meet up with your Hinge crush...none of our business! 


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