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New Year's Eve In Retrospect

It's four days after "The Eve" as I like to call it, and I'm still trying to recover from the madness that rushed through my world. New Year's Eve isn't for the faint of heart over here at The Standards and beyond. Let's take a look...

It all began with a little performance on Top of The Standard by a woman who you might know as Debbie Harry. She's from Blondie. So is Chris Stein. He's her guitarist. Together, they blew the top off The Top. It was beyond.

On the other side of the 18th floor, DFA Records took hold of Le Bain with DJ sets by Holy Ghost!, Jacques Renault, Tim Sweeney and Justin Miller. I didn't get any photos because it was way too sexy dark in there...just the way I like it.

Meanwhile, three hours behind on the left coast, The Standard, Hollywood was getting ready to party with the kids from KCRW & The Satellite who presented Jenny and Johnny, Cults and Marion Hodges. After you spend enough time in LA, you get that this party was definitely not to have been missed. Check out Jasmine Safaeian and Shadowscene's photos in our Gallery.

Down the street at my other most favorite bar in the world, Bar Marmont, the LEGENDARY Joey Arias took the stage. Belting out his inspired like the true chanteuse he is, guests were left stunned in their seats. I know I always am.

The Standard, Downtown LA had it going on from top to bottom. There was more going on than usual and that's usually pretty impossible. On the roof they had XO Chic and Droog turning it out til the wee hours (which in LA is 130am...HA!), and in the lobby the master lineup included NYE Collective, Pretty Paul, Dirty Dave, Mancini 500 and a live performance by Stolen Cash. HOT.

I totally missed my flight on New Year's Day to head down to Miami for the Lazy Sunday party, and I was just too lazy to rebook. Makes sense I guess? There is no better way to nurse off your hangover than some Stan D'Arde Huevos Rancheros, a glass of MOET and a dip in that incredible pool. Hope you at least made it down.

Here's to another year together.


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