January 26 2012

Midwinter Night's Skate At The Standard, New York

New York-Stan D'Arde

Johnny Weir on The Standard, New York Ice Rink

When winter comes along, I find myself getting a little bored and in need of something to do...instead of making snow martinis...(those are my version of snow angels). In order to switch things up a bit, I decide to throw a little ice skating party for my friends on the rink at The Standard, New York. Knowing my friends, they weren't going to be impressed with just skates and fondue, so I called upon my other friends...Veuve Clicquot and Olympic skaters Johnny Weir and Sasha Cohen. Endless champagne, life threatening triple axels and ear piercing music always make for an amazing party!

When Johnny and Sasha told me that they wanted to skate to the Glee version of Adele's Rumour Has It mashup with Someone Like You, my head almost popped like the three bottles of Veuve Clicquot I consumed last night. Our friends over at Black Frame got the above video of the performance as well as this one and this one and this one!

Those who dared to don a pair of skates included supermodel Coco Rocha, nightlife queen Amy Sacco and uber-photographer Douglas Friedman...while Douglas Hannant, Monique Pean, Tony Melillo and the Ruffian boys, Claude and Brian, watched on the sideline. You can check out all the photos, courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency, in our Gallery section.

The rink is only up for another month or so, so you had better come down for a skate with me. And if skating isn't your thing, come down on Saturdays and check out What The Puck?!, our annual hockey tournament through February 11.