Madonna boom boom room pride

Pride x Boom with Madonna

New York is back, baby. Bigger and better than ever.
Come on, girls! Do you believe in love? 'Cause we've got something to say about it. And it goes something like this:

Last night in the notorious Boom Boom Room at The Standard, High Line, we launched into Pride Weekend and celebrated the re-opening of New York City in the most monumental way we could think of - with Madonna, bitch.

Oh yes, honeys, we went big. Guests flooded the entire 18th floor of the hotel, from Boom Boom to Le Bain and its rooftop, with drinks from Perrier and music by iconic New York DJs The Misshapes, Grammy Award winning producer Kaytranada, DJ and global fashion muse Honey Dijon, and one of the true vanguards of New York disco and house, Eli Escobar. Special thanks to Myle for getting our artists to the party in safety and style!

Around 1AM, the lights went down and an immersive art installation engulfed all walls of the room, streaming a very special Pride message from Madonna herself all about individualism, love, and self-expression. Leaders from New York's most famed ballroom houses set the stage to "Vogue" as Madonna entered to give an electric live performance, followed by a live auction (co-hosted by Zachary Quinto) of signed Polaroids benefiting the Ali Forney Center. 

With everyone from drag queens to club kids to fashionistas, the room was packed with partiers all reveling in this truly epic return to the dance floor. Scroll through below to take a peek inside the party. Welcome back, NYC.
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