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Love This For You: Soul Temple Treatment

Love This For You is a deep dive into the world of treatments at The Standard Spa—some you know and love, others that will change your wellness game.

The next time you find yourself sunning by the pool in Miami, think about wandering over to The Spa and booking a Soul Temple treatment. No trip to The Standard is complete without some kind of treat-yourself moment and we’ve got just the right thing.

The Soul Temple treatment combines all of our favorite spa experiences into one. It’s a journey we know will reconnect you with your inner power by combining steam, heat, water, natural scents, and touch to transport you to the ultimate level of relaxation and renewal. 

We sat down with The Standard’s Senior Design Manager, Clare. Like all of us, she knows and loves a good spa moment and shared the inside scoop on her recent Soul Temple experience. 


First you enter the Hamam, which Clare described as both welcoming and comforting. “My therapist was very well informed and guided me through everything.” Using a mint salt wash and a lemon-coffee-blossom-olive stone scrub, your therapist exfoliates and cleanses you of your impurities. “I felt like a mermaid getting bathed,” she gushed. 


Next, your therapist guides you into the massage room. “I felt like I was being healed as opposed to just being touched or massaged. The beds were actually comfortable and I did not feel doused in oil. ” Our professionals are actually skilled in connection and rhythm as they untangle you for an hour-long massage that eases your mind and soothes your soul.

“I felt like a mermaid getting bathed."


Already feeling renewed, your therapist returns you to the Hamam for the detoxifying clay polish—a moment of self-care that leaves your skin feeling supple and soft. “I was able to smell all of the clays and experience the enriching minerals in every pore.” 


Rinsing off the clay and soothing muscles to relieve soreness after your massage, the grand finale awaits in a luscious neroli cypress bath soak. “It was the perfect conclusion to the temple experience. I felt reawakened and extremely tranquil.” 

Don't take our word for it—experience the Soul Temple treatment for yourself at The Standard Spa. Book now


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