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Le Bain with Honey

The Standard: You have been traveling a lot recently, two of your favorite destinations being Berlin and Paris. Would you say Paris is better for Fashion but Berlin beats it in terms of music and nightlife?

Honey Dijon: Paris has def' come around in the last couple of years as far as nightlife is concerned. You have new clubs like Concrete, Wanderlust, and Zig Zag that making Paris burn yet again. Berlin is much more relaxed in terms of fashion and there are a lot of great vintage stores and specialty boutiques as well. Berlin is very fashionable in its own way.

Honey's tribute to Derrick Carter's label: Classic Through The Eyes Of: Honey Dijon

What would be your favorite thing to do in Berlin?

My favorite thing to do in Berlin is to record shop, bike ride, go to the lakes which are amazing and spend time with friends. It's such a relaxed city that you can do other things besides go clubbing 24/7. Even though that's mainly Berlin's reputation, there are amazing museums and art galleries and really great places to eat. When I'm in Paris I usually do the same thing, (laughs)! Hit the clubs and check of the records shops like Techno Import and Syncrophone.

What do you miss the most from your hometown Chicago?

My family and friends. People from Chicago are such warm and open people and in a lot of ways a lot like New Yorkers. They will tell you directly what the think and feel if you act like an ass. Snobbery, arrogance, and rudeness do not go over well in Chi-town. The food is outstanding and Gramaphone is still the best record store on the planet.

Plastikman Spastik (Novamute)

You said "Techno is becoming more and more part of (your) musical expression". Could you share with us one of your Techno Classic - one track that you have a special connection with?

Spastik by Plastikman. It still sounds so modern and you can play it for any crowd and it always rocks the party. Growing up in Chicago, musically I have very few boundaries and that track just transcends any genre of dance music for me.

New York City on Saturday Night. What does that inspire to you?

If I'm in town I usually try to catch up with friends or have a quiet night in but I always seem to find myself at a club! (laughs)

Saturday April 12, Le Bain presents Honey Dijon all night. The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

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