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Wake Up: Superpoze

French sensation Superpoze shares his favorite records to wake up to before he returns to Le Bain on Saturday, April 29th in the wake of his new album "For We The Living."
SUPERPOZE: To wake up in the morning, I play Chilly Gonzalez's Solo Piano 1This album has all I need to start a good day: a solo piano and a perfect balance between happiness and melancholy. Another option for my record player?  "Music For The Uninvited" by Leon Vynehall.
When I'm a bit sad, feeling tired and gloomy and I need to wake me up, I listen to "Something (on my mind)" by Jack J. When the bass line goes in, all my gloominess goes out.

If you want to wake up and be aware of​ ​my generation's state of mind​, I recommend you listen to the song "Earth" by Dream Koala.
And if you want to wake up and see how musicians can be creative, listen to the new album by Arca

On Saturday, April 19th, Le Bain presents Superpoze (DJ set)
The Standard, High Line | 10PM

Check out Superpoze's new album, For We The Living

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