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On Tuesday, May 17th, Susanne Bartsch returns to The Standard, High Line "On Top." We caught up with the "Queen of New York Nightlife" before she kicks off her weekly summer extravaganza.
LE BAIN: The last time we chatted, you had your own exhibition called Fashion Underground at FIT. Now you’re back, and you have a documentary about you in the making called @Bartschland. Is there anything that can stop Susanne Bartsch? 
SUSANNE BARTSCH: Nothing's stopping me baby...But for real, as much as I'd like to be unstoppable, I'm human. What stops me from doing something is usually a lack of interest. There are times when I don't feel energy or buzz around a project or event, and as the producer, it's really up to me to create that or at least foster it for the world to catch on...
Teaser of @Bartschland (By Anthony and Alex)
There is a line in the teaser for @Bartschland which says something like “Susanne Bartsch picked up the NYC scene where Warhol left off." Do you consider Andy’s underground NY scene as a ground zero of your own?
I think what Warhol and I have in common is an eye for talent and an appreciation of wild, unbridled creativity. I like to be around creative people that inspire and are open to new and interesting ideas. I have given people a platform to showcase their talents.

Have you considered building your own factory?
I am a factory, but in a different sense. I give people a platform to be the art. My art is transformation, reinvention...your body as the canvas. The places where I have my events is the factory, but my factory is not one stationary space. It's all around the world.
On Top Pop-up Concert  (August 2012)
You told the filmmakers Anthony and Alex that you wanted @Bartschland to be your life as a music video. What videos did you have in mind? 
Jonas Akerlund's early music videos are amazing. The Knife and Fever Ray have some incredibly visually stunning videos. Anything from the director Nabil is great. The band Pulp's music video for "This is Hardcore." Videos that are super fun and visually overwhelming.

When will we be able to watch @Bartschland?
The goal is to have the film finished by early 2017, and it'll hit the festival circuit before getting a wide release.
You’re the "Queen of New York Nightlife," but who’s the king in your eyes? 
Bottle service has ended its reign. At the moment, the DJ is king.

What's your motto for this summer's On Top?
"On Top for President 2016."

What's next for Susanne Bartsch? 
What I'm fostering at the moment, besides this gorgeous On Top event, is Beauty and the Bartsch lashes, a cosmetics line. I'm getting back to my fashion roots in this incarnation as a stylist, which is why I was in my store only this time. I'm not saddled with a lease. I've worked in front of and behind the camera with Steven Klein, and I'm doing some stuff with Bette Midler. Lots in the works, so it's an exciting, new chapter. I also have two amazing books in the works, and I'm doing art direction for various events. Also, my annual Halloween with Moma PS1. And I have a TV series on the table. What else? Oh yes, a trip to Capri in June...and it's for work! 

On Tuesday, May 17th, Le Bain presents
the opening party of On Top by Susanne Bartsch
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

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