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Sadar Bahar: Back with a Smile

New York's own Sonny Daze sat down with Chicago's disco extraordinaire, Sadar Bahar, before they share Le Bain's decks on Saturday, November 5th.
SONNY DAZE: You haven't taken a break from spinning since you began in the 80s. Where would you say you got your first big break?
SADAR BAHAR: I would have to say messing around with the J.A.W. Crew—Thomas, Elliot, and Julian—out of Paris. It seems like with the European gigs, once I hooked up with them, more people noticed me and how I was playing. As far as the States, it’s always been cool going back a while to residences in Chicago, New York, Jersey, Cali, and Atlanta, but in 2006, things picked up in Europe with the J.A.W. Crew!  
Sonny Daze
Reflecting on your career starting in Chicago, your epic Soul in the Hole parties there, and then international DJ tours, how would you describe your experience?
It’s been a big learning experience, and I’ve been so happy to be living the dream! To be able to play records and share this music with people as a career has been an overwhelming dream that just never stops. I love it!

You're constantly searching for 7" records of unreleased versions and mixes that usually don't make the final album. What do you have coming up next?
I have a lot of new releases coming out right now of original pieces we’ve been working on in the studio. There about three 12" vinyls coming out in the next few weeks, then two albums, but that is going to take a little longer as we get together the artwork and things.

Sadar Bahar in the mix

With all that you have done in your career, what's the most rewarding part of your journey thus far?

I think being able to travel the world and see all these different parts. That’s something I always wanted to do. And then also getting a chance to meet so many amazing people that are into the same thing I’m into, the music! To see these people everywhere in the world brings a happy smile to my face! Also just learning so much from people sharing records you may not have heard in the States. It's always a plus to add to the arsenal.

I think the greatest reward is making people dance, surprising them with special records, and putting smiles on their faces. 
Life is short, enjoy it! Make sure you keep coming out, enjoy yourself, and party. I think if you come out to one of the Soul in the Hole parties, I can definitely help do that with the sounds we put in your ears! LOVE!

On Saturday, November 5th, Le Bain presents Sadar Bahar & Sonny Daze
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Header photo: Sadar Bahar (center) shot by Neil Aline

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