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Olive T: Made in NY

New York native Olive T delivers an exclusive mix with heavy '90s influence before she plays alongside Umfang and Volvox on Friday, April 22nd.
LE BAIN: There is a great '90s vibe throughout your mix. Was the era a big influence on you?
OLIVE T: I discovered house in the '90s when I was very young. I used to tune into 98.7 Kiss FM late at night—I believe it was Tony Humphries who had a DJ show. I think it was then that the sound was ingrained in me, so much so that I didn't even realize it until I started going out in the 2000s and heard people playing and dancing to all the songs I used to hear on the radio. 
Olive T's "Discwoman x Le Bain Mix" (April 2016)

You tweeted: "After X amount of years, I've finally realized I'm a maniac for making up a rule that I must play a completely different set every time I play.” What’s the new rule then? 

[Laughs.] My new rule will consist of me keeping parts or certain tracks of a mix I've made in the past that worked really well and incorporating them into current mixes as seamlessly as possible. Just to stay consistent in the sound I play and know a handful of records really well.

"Making it [in New York] means living comfortably with a roof over your head."

You also tweeted: “I like to challenge myself at the listener’s expense.”
Oh, that was in regards to radio sets more than actual parties. For at-home listening, I like to mix in tracks that might throw the listener off or allow them to hear sounds they wouldn't typically hear in a dance music mix of current times. At actual parties, I want people to experience a solid vibe—to play to what they positively respond to in a cohesive way. It's all about the listener!
Volvox and Umfang of Discwoman, who are playing Le Bain on April 22nd alongside Olive T
You’re a native New Yorker and you've been active in the club scene. What would you say is the most exciting thing happening in NY right now?
New York hasn't had [excitement] post-Giuliani, so it's nice to see the culture building up again here. It's great to see all of the clubs and parties popping up, as well as all of the people interested, invested, and dedicated to dance music who are coming out and supporting the scene. 

What’s your definition of making it in NY?
I like to keep the definition of making it in this city very minimal because there's so much one can get involved in. Making it means living comfortably with a roof over your head and keeping food on the table. 

On Friday, April 22nd, Le Bain presents Discwoman, 
featuring Olive T, Umfang, and Volvox
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line 

All photos by Neil Aline.

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