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Love Unlimited: Andrew Devlin

The Level Party's mastermind, Andrew Devlin, writes a love letter to five of his favorite food spots in New York before he returns to Le Bain with Beautiful Swimmers on Friday, February 17th.

"One can't have good love without food, and one can't have good food without love." –Andrew Devlin

PJ Bernstein's
Love has a habit of finding you in unlikely places. PJ Bernstein's is out of the way and easy to miss–at 70th and 3rd to be exact. Any time I find myself nearby, I grab a seat and a sandwich, which I would put up there with Katz's and Dave's Brisket House as best in town. My plate fits a matzo ball soup, pastrami on rye, and a Dr. Brown's cream soda with ease. 
A lover is a pal, a confidante. Chinantla has seen me through some rough Sunday afternoons at home. I'll always remember that. Some fresh guacamole and enchiladas suizas are the trick here. 
Spicy Village
Spice is an important part of love. If your love felt the same every day, it probably wouldn't last long. Good thing Spicy Village deserves its name–you could have this menu any way you wanted and never get bored. Oxtail noodles and soup dumplings are my go-tos. 
Loving someone out of your league can be a nice time. I used to visit Dell'Anima when I got a nice tip waiting tables down the street. Like the sheets on a rich person's bed, the pasta bolognese is soft and comforting. The wines are rare and no one sitting down seems worried about the rent. Sometimes love is fleeting–you just have to enjoy it while it's in front of you. Get the bone marrow. 
A true love grows. Patsy's, located on East 117th, has been around since 1933. We met in 1990. I was 2. I'm told we loved each other from the start. I thought it might last forever. I miss Patsy's, but I know Patsy's will always be there. Anyway: double park, get a couple slices and a coke, and breathe in NYC at it is most loving. 

On Friday, February 17th, Le Bain presents The Level Party
featuring Beautiful Swimmers and Nina and Andrew Devlin
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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