April 26 2016

Back in NY, Eric Duncan Plays All Night

New York-Le Bain
After touring the world's beaches, NY fave DJ Eric Duncan returns to Le Bain's skyline on Friday, April 29th.
LE BAIN: It seems like you've been touring everywhere over the past few months. I hear you've became some kind of legend in Brazil. What do you think makes you the perfect fit for the beach?
ERIC DUNCAN: I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Brazil over the last few years. I think I just kind of fit in there. I love the culture, country, people and music that are born from all those things. I’m not sure I am a perfect fit for any single situation, but put me behind the decks at a nightclub, BBQ, or sunset and I’ll be OK.
"Bye, Formentera. Next stop: Jersey!" (Photo by Eric Duncan)

"Bye, Formentera. Next stop: Jersey!" (Photo by Eric Duncan)

You've had a residency on the beach of Bali where you play everyday at sunset for a month. Did you learn something new during that experience? 
I just got back from that month in Bali. It was super. I was playing 3 to 4 sunsets a week, and traveling to a few other cities around Asia. We did a big party during Easter with Harvey that was killer! I actually got a couple tunes done while I was there. It was a very productive trip, I must say. Not sure I learned anything aside from getting to know my music a bit more as I was DJing several times a week.

What is the worst part of a one-month residency at the beach?
It’s not 2 months.
On the road to the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. (Photo by Eric Duncan)

On the road to the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. (Photo by Eric Duncan)

What's coming up? 
I did a 12” while in Bali. I teamed up with Jonny Nash who is living out there. We began a project called Rumours and managed to nearly finish 2 tracks. We are mixing them now and they're coming soon. I also have a release coming this summer on the new Not An Animal Records out of the UK. This is an original production with a remix from Daniele Baldelli, and a cool B-side I did with my buddy here in NY, Chris Munoz.

Could you share a sunset hidden gem of yours? 
Sad City's "What I Talk About" watched the sunset with me a few times. 
Eric and a friend. 

Eric and a friend.