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Save the dates! The legendary UK producer, DJ, and "gentleman rudeboy" is back in the U.S. to play Le Bain in NYC on Friday, June 29th, and The Rooftop in Downtown LA, on Saturday, June 30th. Read our interview with him below.

THE STANDARD: It seems that you do not come to the U.S. often. Just too busy in London?
ASHLEY BEEDLE: It’s been an insanely busy time for me personally over the last 4-5 years with new projects, studio work, and reuniting the Black Science Orchestra. I have been focusing on an album project with Scottish electronic artist Waterson (which is in the final stages), going into the studio with fellow Black Science Orchestra founder, Rob Mello, to lay down some new tracks and productions, and working with Darren Morris and Jo Wallace on the North Street remixes for the Ramrock and F*CLR labels, amongst other projects. I’m so excited to be coming back to the U.S. and I’m getting ready for more touring stateside later in 2018. It’s always an inspiration.


"I was just using up surplus studio time…"

We picked five of your records with a New York flavor. Tell us one story about each of them. NYC has been a big influence of yours and you’re back in town, so it seems fair! Let's start with The East Village Loft Society feat. Martin Passey's "Manhattan Anthem" (1995).
Wow! What can I say? After visiting the Sound Factory and experiencing Junior Vasquez’s DJing, the first thing I did when I got back to the U.K. was to record this record as a homage to Junior and that session. I took the record back to the Sound Factory when it was finished and Junior played it incessantly for about half an hour! That blew my mind, and what an endorsement!

What about Black Science Orchestra's "New Jersey Deep" (1994)?
Along with Uschi Classen and Marc Woolford, I formed the third incarnation of Black Science Orchestra and together we released the Altered States EP, which included the track "New Jersey Deep," recorded in London's State 51 studios. The title came from the fact that Wood, Brass & Steel's "Funkanova," sampled for "New Jersey Deep," had released the original on the New Jersey label, Turbo. My favorite dynamic duo, Masters at Work, got onto "New Jersey Deep" and made it big in the States for us. Thanks, guys!

Next up: Ashley Beedle presents Roots Revolutions "Jumpin’ at the Factory Bar" (1995)
Having been inspired by DJ Sneak’s sampling techniques using old disco and Frankie Knuckle’s spinning at the Factory Bar in NYC, I ended up recording the Roots Revolutions EP during a 'songwriting' session for Chrysalis, my publishers at the time. I was just using up surplus studio time…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! On the remix EP, Washington DJ/production duo Deep Dish reworked "Jumpin’ at the Factory Bar," which, even today, is a stone cold floor filler!

Ashley Beedle presents 
Roots Revolutions "Jumpin’ at the Factory Bar" 
(Deep Dish Remix)

And how about Ballistic Brothers' "Blacker (4 The Good Times)" (1997)?
The first version of "Blacker" came out in 1994 by the (note the spelling of Ballistic with one ‘L’) Balistic Brothers vs. Eccentric Afros on their first album titled Volume 1 and a 12-inch on Delancy Street Records. The second version of "Blacker" came out on a 12-inch in 1997 on Soundboy Entertainment by the Ballistic Brothers (now spelled with 2 ‘L’s) and this was dedicated to fellow U.K. DJ and Good Times Sound System founder, Norman Jay. The track was originally inspired by Organized Konfusion’s hip hop track "Open Your Eyes." We looped the beginning and cleared the sample with Herbie Hancock, who loved what we’d done with his track "Chameleon." We also used the vocal from Gil Scott Heron’s "Brother"–and the rest is history!

Last up: X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne's "Lazy" (2002).
A collaboration between Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, myself, and my co-selectors, Rocky & Diesel, aka X-Press 2. The original lyrics, written by me and Rocky, went, "You got my number baby, you got my number, you know you drive me crazy." Needless to say, none of this remains in the final take! Recorded at Rocksteady Studios in London and on David Byrne’s Mac in NYC, "Lazy" went on to become a global dance smash and a mainstream hit. Who would’ve thought that an observation on being lazy would become part of the U.K.'s national musical psyche and my most requested track to play!?


What are the first things the "gentleman rudeboy" will do when he arrives in NYC and LA?
As soon as I land in NYC, I’ll be heading to 2nd Avenue Deli on East 33rd Street for a salt beef sandwich and some baked cheesecake. And as for LA, get me some box-fresh trainers on 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue and head to Amoeba Records for a crate digging session.

Ashley Beedle plays Le Bain & The Rooftop 
The Standard, High Line | Friday, June 29th |10pm
The Standard, Downtown LA | Saturday, June 30th | 9pm

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