Your June Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for June...
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Get ready for some Full Moon fire! This Full Moon is adventurous, optimistic and extremely energizing! The Sagittarius encourages variety, freedom and expansion. In this sign, Sag makes a trine to Mars in Leo; another fire sign — adding extra heat, assertiveness and a touch of volatility, which will bring things out in the open. A strong spirit of adventure dares us to roam and create more variety. It is stimulating, fast and impatient, prompting us to act while making courageous choices. The ruler of the lunation is Jupiter in Taurus, which is grounded, earthy and stable. However, there is an energy accumulation as Jupiter is conjunct on the North Node. Adds intensity, with an insatiable quantity of not getting enough. Forget about limits; this is wild energy that can not be constrained. It reinforces accumulation; instead of accumulating more, enjoy what you have. Be mindful that what you pursue adds meaning to your life. Take a day trip, go on an adventure and do something you've never done!


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters dramatic Leo on June 5 for an extended four-month stay, thanks to her upcoming retrograde cycle in July, which initiates a Leo Vensuian Summer of Love. Venus, in Leo, is expressive, confident and stately. She knows her worth and is regal and a bit "extra." She is spontaneous, vivacious and goes after what she desires. Being in the Sun's sign, there is a natural radiance and vibrancy — glamorous, attention-seeking that takes charge. Take a regal approach while pursuing pleasure and relationships. Asking for what you want or desire is her gift, giving us confidence. She starts her retrograde cycle in July for a four-month stay. So we have months to explore her themes. Since she loves a dramatic entrance, she immediately interacts with an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. It is about power dynamics, revelations, uncovering secrets and bringing them to the open. There is an intensity of desire to get what you want. It can bring intense passion, obsessing about a person or something you desire that you can't live without. Also, it brings transformation about self-love, relationships and your sense of value, how you shine your inner light into the world. So shine that light brightly and indulge in the offering Venus in Leo is giving us. You can expect drama, fire and a passionate summer!


Mercury in Gemini means the planet finally lands in its rulership, giving us the best version of itself — which is equal parts effective and courageous. So network, socialize, update your technology, make deals and sign those documents! In this transit, we are more curious — buzzing with ideas while we yearn to socialize with eagerness. We are preparing ourselves to transform into social butterflies. Mercury in Gemini is quick-witted, lively and engaging. During this time, our minds have greater clarity and openness to provoking ideas and insights. For the next two weeks, seize the gifts that Mercury offers. 


A lively, engaging and slightly confusing New Moon arrives on June 18 in Gemini at 18 degrees. There is a plethora of information and ideas, with an insatiable curiosity, as Mercury in Gemini rules this lunation. During this time, the possibilities are limitless; enthusiastically, let your curiosity guide you. Venus sextiles Mercury and gives a playful, fun-loving, romantic quality. Hang out with those you love or those with a shared interest. The harmonious alignment gives this time an affectionate, open and energizing essence. New Moons are often resets and fresh starts and being in Gemini opens us up to innovative thinking, adaptability and curiosity. There is a glitch, however; it gets tricky as Neptune squares the New Moon, creating confusion, hesitation and a touch of delusion. There can be miscommunication, crosswires and overwhelm with too much stimulation. But, on the other hand, the upside taps into the imaginal realm, escaping with fun, entertainment, or creativity. Before making quick decisions, take a pause, if possible. Gemini is fast and not prone to deep reflection. Overall this is a positive lunation, inviting us to shift our mindset, be receptive and be adaptable to new possibilities. Let's savor and share our joy,  affection and thoughts with others. Most crucial, Gemini is the twins, which teaches us about duality and non-duality. This sign reveals that all of us are mutually interdependent.


Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces, On June 19, we will feel this energy for around five days. Jupiter sextile Saturn is an auspicious alignment inviting you to connect with the deepest, most meaningful aspirations within you. Begin to put together plans, support structures and collaborators to move you forward with your dreams. Take a deep dive within to clarify your vision, then slowly and steadily plan. These are grand plans, not something to do on a whim; the goal is to create something lasting which provides security and comfort. The greater the effort we put into it, the greater rewards. Do think long term to make your aspirations come to fruition. This time invites you to begin to foundationally structure your life and set up for something greater — if there's organization needed to be done, take this time to do it.


Cancer Season begins with the Summer Solstice, a  significant turning point for the Sun. The Sun enters Cancer and, on June 18, creates the Summer Solstice; there is a solar invitation to pause. It is a turning point, an adjustment, or a reorientation. Pause to reflect upon what you want to initiate or create for the next six months. Cancer Season is more protective, instinctual and emotionally responsive. There is a deep yearning for home, family, safety and security. Food, family, home and history are lit up — who or what are you thinking of? There is a protectiveness to those you cherish, with a yearning to belong. There is a sense of wanting to nourish what is most important to you. Cancer Season invites you to access your tender and nurturing side. Soften and let your guard down while soaking in the tender, loving care of Cancer. Show your emotional side and express how much you love those around you, now is the time. 
Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in June 2023...


Give a big hello, Summer, the celestial and universal time of play. After April and May's intensity, the month of June is a gift from the cosmos. On June 4th, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees, illuminating your 9th house of wisdom, spirituality and travel. This lunation is fiery and high energy, both enthusiastic and impatient — like you. Mars, your ruling planet, cozies up to the Sag Moon and adds an extra spark. Aries, connect with your higher aspirations, the bigger picture, not just the mundane. The most significant aspect of the Summer is Venus, who entered Leo on June 5 and will stay there through October 8, 2023. She joins your ruler, Mars, in your 5th house of romance, creativity and pleasure. She will be stirring up these areas of your life for an extended tour. Then, later in July, she turns retrograde. It's passionate, hot and fiery. Relationships get an infusion of excitement, passion and drama. Venus in Leo is theatrical and extravagant, demands attention and goes after what she desires. Channel Leo's allure, charisma and most importantly, express your joy — do what you love, play and create time for pleasure and enjoyment. You're gearing up for some fun this month, Aries. 




On June 2, Jupiter, the planet of luck, joins up with the North Node at 3 degrees of Taurus. This aspect has a quality of intensity; as the North Node amplifies, there is an extreme expression of Jupiter. This brings abundance and opportunities to propel you to the forefront. Since 2018, you've undergone mini-revolutions. Disruptor Uranus arrived in 2018, the North Node in 2022 and expansive Jupiter in January, all dwelling in your house of identity, appearance and vitality. It's been a radical adjustment for a sign uncomfortable with change, yet it has been both unnerving and liberating. Of course, you prefer slow and steady accumulation as you aim to achieve your long-term plans for growth. But, be mindful that the North Node is insatiable; you can easily overextend yourself, pushing your limits. Venus, your ruler, enters dramatic Leo on June 5 for an extended four month tour. She will dwell in the profoundly personal 4th house of home and family. Venus brings gifts of harmony and beauty. She offers peace, emotional well-being and nurturing within your family relationships. In Leo, she's dramatic, generous, affectionate and attention-seeking. You must feel seen, loved and adored at home and bestow the same to those you love with grand gestures. Taurus, you are a homebody; living in beauty soothes your soul. So, beautifying your home takes precedence now, okay? Venus will start stirring things up in late July when she turns retrograde so enjoy her direct motion this month. Things you can do: redecorate, entertain and enjoy lounging on your sofa, Cheers to a fun and indulgent June!



The cosmos have your back this month! A Full Moon arrives on June 4 in Sagittarius at 13 degrees, illuminating your house of partnerships. This fiery lunation has two distinct sides. One is ruled by Jupiter, brimming with adventure and stimulation. The other is grounded and hesitant. The Sag Moon trines Mars in Leo, adding extra heat, passion and a touch of volatility. Relationships issues can be dealt with now. Are they fostering your growth or stifling it? Time to figure it out, Gemini. On June 5, Venus joins Mars in Leo for a four-month stay, a significant cosmic event of the year. Venus retrograde in Leo, lasting from July through September. She will light up your house of communication, neighborhood and siblings. She enhances your creative expression, writing and social life with a dramatic, charismatic flare. Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Gemini on June 11 — you're at your best, buzzing with ideas, quick-witted, lively and engaging. Your annual New Moon arrives on June 18 in Gemini at 18 degrees. Mercury in Gemini rules the lunation; there is an overload of information and curiosity. Venus cozies up to Mercury; it's fun-loving and playful. New Moons are resets and fresh starts. Enthusiastically set your intentions to shift your mindset and be receptive to new possibilities. So, Gemini, share your keen perception and intelligence with your wit and charm!



It's summertime, Cancer — your season and a moment to indulge in some serious chill time. June asks you to slow down, retreat and stop crying over Succession ending. A Full Moon arrives on June 4 in Sagittarius at 13 degrees, illuminating your house of health and work. This dynamic, fiery lunation is enthusiastic and energetic, inspiring you to focus on self-care. Jupiter rules this lunation, offering progress and growth. One of the most significant cosmic events arrives on June 5, with Venus entering Leo for an extended four-month stay. She'll then retrograde in late July through September. Every eight years, Venus retrogrades in the same sign — think back to June 2015, as some similar themes may arise. The planet Venus activates your house of money and self-worth. This lengthy transit can have two effects; Venus has the power to attract material possessions, money and people — financial opportunities will present themselves. When Venus is in Leo; she's extravagant, overly generous and impractical. The tendency to overspend is ripe, especially on lavish items. You've got four months to sort this out. While you may enjoy June next month, remember to rein in your spending. By June 21 (the start of Cancer Season), you'll be ready to come out of your shell, feeling revived and prepared for a sweet, sweet Summer. 




Leo, the month of June is yours! One of the most significant cosmic events begins on June 4, when Venus enters your sign for an extended four-month tour. Think Summer of Love — expect drama, fire and passion. The planet of love then retrogrades in late July through September. Every eight years, Venus retrogrades in the same sign — think back to June 2015, as similar themes may arise. Venus joins Mars in Leo, with the planets of love and sex shining brightly in your house of identity. Venus enhances wherever she lands; your magnetism can easily attract others to you. Venus in Leo is regal, a stately Queen who demonstrates confidence and vibrancy. She reveals your inner spirit, exuberance and warmth. Show the world your magnanimous, generous and creative spirit! Leo, you tend towards the dramatic; Venus follows suit as she immediately interacts with opposition to power Pluto in Aquarius. Do anticipate power dynamics within your relationships. It can uncover secrets or revelations, bringing them to the open. There is an intense desire to get what you want. This alignment is about passion, obsession and desire. Positive quality can usher in relationship transformation rather than obsessively fixating. On June 11, Venus will square benefic Jupiter, bringing abundance and grand gestures of generosity. Your house of career is also enhanced by this transit. Cheers to you, Leo; shine your radiance wide and far!



June's theme is all about your career goals. Until the 21st of the month, the Gemini Sun will shine magic on your 10th house of work, bringing fresh energy and connections to your professional life. In addition, on June 11, Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Gemini and joins the Sun. He's infusing his power in your career zone. Supportive, intellectual, quick thinking and curious. Mercury gifts you with a fast-paced mind. As a result, you are ten steps ahead of everyone while multitasking, analyzing and sharing information. The work surge continues with a New Moon in Gemini at 18 degrees on June 18, the start of grand ambitions! You're laser-focused during this time. Seriously, you're like a work superhero. This month allows you to acquire even more powers. New moons are resets and fresh starts; Gemini opens us up to innovative thinking, adaptability and curiosity. So plant your seeds of intention and watch them blossom in the Winter. There is an overload of information and ideas, dancing about; the possibilities are limitless. It is a little tricky, as confusing Neptune will square the lunation. You may hesitate, not having a clear or precise vision. The antidote is not to overanalyze; drop into your intuition. Overall this is a positive lunation, inviting you to be receptive and adaptable to new possibilities in your career. Cheers to your career and all that the future brings you!




June is definitely the summer of love. Your ruler Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters fiery Leo on June 5th for an extended four month tour. This is one of the most significant cosmic alignments of 2023, Venus influences your relationships, creativity and sense of well-being. Every eight years, Venus retrogrades in the same sign; think about the Summer of 2015, some of these similar themes may arise. Your house of good fortune, friends, hopes and aspirations is where Venus will dwell for the next four months. Libra, do take a regal approach while pursuing pleasure and relationships. Asking for what you want or desire is her gift, giving you confidence. You are the type of person who cherishes your friendships; consider ways to be more loving and affectionate with those you love. Your friends are the ones that will bring you the most pleasure this  season. It is proven that friendships enrich your life, boost your happiness and reduce stress. It's a social time, expand your circles and hang with creative types, attention-seekers and fun-loving divas. All love relationships will have a friendly quality now. Libra, opportunities through your friendships and social contacts are readily available now so make sure that you exhaust that social muscle as much as you possibly can. Cheers to loving friendships!




June kicks off on the 2nd with a rare aspect as expansive Jupiter conjuncts the North Node in Taurus at 3 degrees, igniting your relationship house. Not one for superficial partnerships; you need depth and are hungry for connection. When the North Node joins a planet, it amplifies its quantity; with expansive Jupiter, there are no limits, be mindful not to overextend yourself, Scorpio. The positive expression is your long-term vision within your relationship, which you slowly and steadily work on. June 5th, one of the most anticipated cosmic events arrives as Venus enters Leo. She will have an extended four-month stay as she retrogrades in late July. She'll join your ruler, Mars, in your 10th house of career and public image. The dynamic duo amplifies your ambition, magnetism and desire for recognition. It is your time to shine, with confidence and self-assurance, assertively going after your professional pursuits. But, Scorpio, you are inherently very private; with Leo ruling your career sector, you need acknowledgment here. There can be a few challenges as your focus is on your career all Summer and your relationships need attention. Mars will clash with chaotic Uranus on June 26th is unpredictable, feisty, fiery and impatient energy. It plays out in your house of personal relationships and career. You may desire more autonomy within your partnerships; please refrain from impulsive decisions you may regret. Cheers to work and relationships!




June offers adventure and romance, an excellent start to Summer. The month starts with a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 on June 4th, illuminating your house of vitality and identity and inviting you to express your authentic nature while pursuing your passions. There's a strong spirit of adventure that dares you to roam, igniting your wanderlust spirit. Nothing excites you more than an adventure; you thrive on new experiences and expanding your worldview. To add to your wanderlust, Venus, the planet of love, will enter fiery Leo on June 5th for an extended four-month tour; she turns retrograde in late July. Venus will dwell in your house of travel, spirituality and higher knowledge all Summer. You'll feel best embodied exploring the world while broadening your horizons. Sag, nothing excites you more than exploring different cultures, philosophies and spiritual practices. Venus in Leo, enhancing your charisma and confidence, you effortlessly connect with people, forming meaningful relationships. Sag, if you are looking for love, you may find it on your journeys. It is essential for you that your partner has the same adventurous spirit; take a journey together; if you are still into each after, you've got the right one. Gemini Season highlights your relationships; the theme of June is love and travel. Cheers to finding love on the road less traveled!


Capricorn, self-care and good lovin' is your cocktail of the month in June. Gemini Season has you focused on your health and well-being —the month kicks off with the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees on June 4, illuminating your introspective, twelfth house of solitude. You will cherish being alone these next few weeks, it feeds your soul. It is an adventurous Full Moon — take an inner adventure, Cap and rest in silence. A New Moon in Gemini at 13 degrees arrives on June 18, activating your house of health and well-being. Think of June as your personalized summer solstice to restore body, mind and spirit. New Moons are resets, prompting new beginnings, an ideal time to implement a self-care routine. Please keep in mind not to get scattered, as Mercury in Gemini rules this lunation; there is an overload of information. Cancer season arrives on June 21, with the Sun lights up your house of committed relationships. Cancer season inspires you to focus on relationships with more compassion for yourself and others, friends or lovers. Cheers to health and love!


Aquarius, the themes you'll be focusing on this month are friendships, lovers and partners. The month begins with an adventurous Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees on June 3, illuminating your 11th house of friendships and aspirations. Expand your social networks while connecting with those who inspire and excite you. It is an exciting, stimulating Full Moon full of the change you crave and seek to inspire in the world. Then, one of the most significant cosmic alignments arrives on June 5 as Venus, the planet of love, enters Leo for an extended four month stay in your house of committed relationships. Your relationship gets an infusion of love, affection and passion — one you've been wanting for a while. This change of pace will inspire you to take a regal approach to your partnership and express your needs. You can't be all cool and aloof with Venus in Leo — it's a passionate love fest; embrace it. She starts her retrograde cycle in late July for a four month stay, so basically it's the summer of love with lots of drama — get ready for soap opera level intensity. Continuing the love theme, a New Moon in Gemini at 13 degrees arrives on June 18, igniting your house of romance, pleasure and creativity. There's a surge of information, variety and curiosity as Mercury in Gemini rules the lunation. Add some sweetness from Venus; and you get a lot of playfulness and affection. Aquarius, June is a love fest a revolutionary like you needed and frankly, deserves. Enjoy every single moment!



Pisces, this month is full of exciting possible changes for you. June starts with a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees on June 3, illuminating your house of career. It is a dynamic, fiery lunation filled with enthusiasm, confidence and risk-taking. Do expect some drama (but not in a bad way necessarily), as it can be a pivot, a promotion, or a job change. Note of caution, before you make dramatic changes, pause first. Remember, Jupiter in Taurus rules this lunation. Taurus prefers a thought-out approach, something slow and steady. Take your time before making any rash decisions. This current Gemini Season has you focused on home and family matters while quick-thinking Mercury enters your fourth house on June 11, inspiring you to connect with family members or take care of domestic matters that need tending to. The yearly New Moon in Gemini at 13 degrees arrives on June 18, landing in your fourth house of home. Parents, kids, or whoever you consider family needs your attention this month. Home is always your haven. Now is the time to make it a top priority. New Moons are often resets and fresh starts and being in Gemini opens us up to innovative thinking, adaptability and curiosity. It is a positive lunation, inviting you to shift your mindset, be receptive and be adaptable to new possibilities. Savor and share your joy, affection and thoughts with loved ones. Then, once Cancer Season begins on June 21, you are ready to play! Bask in a fellow water sign's season and their ability to savor emotion and love. 



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