Your June 2018 Horoscope

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property, and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart. (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!)

The biggest takeaway: Mars is going into retrograde between June 26th and August 27th and it's going to mess with all of us in different ways. Heeeere we go. 

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Get ready to get busy, Aries. The New Moon falls into your 3rd house, focusing on your attitude, mind, social media…and your siblings! Go hang out with them this month; you'll have fun. Mars, your ruler, will be in retrograde between June 26th and August 27th (yeah, all freaking summer) and will be in your 11th house of friends, your tribe, and frenemies. Everything will be in slow motion. It'll be like you're driving a Porsche 911 Targa and you can't go faster than 30 miles per hour. Eat your CBD gummies before you leave home, put more effort into your friendships, makeup with your frenemies, and try not to get into any fights. You'll keep your friends this way.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

The themes of your June, Taurus? Your career, your mission in the world, how you make your money…yup, it's gonna be a doozy. You like your security and you're not a fan of change unless you instigate it. On June 26th, Mars, our inner competitive and fearless goddess, is going MIA until August 27th, and she'll sit in your house of career. Breathe. Use this time to recharge, innovate, and create something outside the box. Envision what you want to accomplish and work it! Do be aware of frenemies; they always show up during a Mars retrograde, and most likely it's within your work. Play nice at work, slow down, dream large. Once Mars goes direct, you can implement all the genius ideas you've come up with. Try to enjoy the summer, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Happy birthday, Gemini! The New Moon is in your first house, so your wit and charm will beam bright this month. Share it—we need it. On June 26th, Mars, the planet of bravery, sex, and our inner warrior, goes retrograde till August 27th. It's in slow motion all summer long. Mars is hanging out in your 9th house of long distance travel, education, and different cultures. That trip you have planned for July? You may be going somewhere else instead, and you may have that hot romance. Be flexible, get inspired to learn, and be open to new people, ideas, and ways of being in the world. This is easy for you, Gemini. You change your mind so often that a change of plans is an everyday occurrence!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You get to hide out this month, which you secretly love. The new moon is hanging out in your 12th house, so meditate, go on a retreat, and take a break. Starting June 26th, Mars goes into retrograde till August 27th, sitting in your 8th house of sex, money, and intimacy. Let this summer be the summer of sex. Think kink, Cancer. I hope you'll be spending lots time between the sheets. Mars is in the sign of Aquarius where we need to be inventive, unique, and experimental. The last time Mars went retrograde in Aquarius was 47 years ago. It's not going to happen again in your lifetime, so take advantage of it. I wish I had your summer!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

You love to be loved more than any other sign. Venus rolls into Leo on June 13th, bestowing you with adulations. Along with the New Moon in your 11th house, which rules is your tribe and besties, go hang out, be the center of attention, entertain your friends, share the love! A significant shift occurs between June 26th and August 27th when Mars is in retrograde, which affects your house of partnerships, committed relationships, and marriage. You may feel a touch bored, restless, and argumentative with Mars there. Please don't pick fights for no reason. Instead, infuse some excitement into your partnerships. Do something different. Compromising would be a huge step. Gotta love you, Leo. 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Delicate Virgo, this is the summer to infuse self-care, nutrition, and well-being into your daily routine. Mars is going retrograde in your 6th house of self-care, health, diet, co-workers, and your precious pets. You'll be tempted to try every new fad diet, healing modality, and work out routine possible this summer. Please be sensible and don't go overboard. Do indulge and take good care of yourself, Virgo. You are disciplined, but can be neurotic when it comes to your health. Take care of your pets and co-workers as well; they will be grateful. It's your true nature to serve.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, it's time for a holiday. The new moon falls in your 9th house of travel, learning, and different cultures. Expand your world, go travel, learn a new language, venture outside of your neighborhood, eat different food. It's gonna be a long, hot, messy summer. Mars, our inner warrior, is going retrograde from June 26th till August 27th, where it hits the snooze button in your 5th house of romance, kids, creativity, and joy. Old lovers can reappear, kids will drive you crazy, you may feel blasé. You've got to ignite your passion through a creative outlet, whatever that may be.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, you love when there's a new moon in your 8th house because it rules your sex life, so take advantage of this new moon—it will be a great stress reducer. Mars is going retrograde on June 26th till August 27th in your 4th house of home and family. Guess where you should be going this summer? Home! Go visit your parents and deal with unresolved issues to just do it, Scorpio. This is a rare Mars retrograde. It is not happening again in your lifetime. Mars is your ruler, so it is not the easiest time for you when Mars is not fully engaged. Forgive past hurts, try your hardest not to get into arguments with your family, and do whatever it takes to keep the peace. You'll be so grateful that you did. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

If you're open to it, Sag, love is coming your way this month with the new moon in your 7th house of committed relationships. Don't be scared; I know the word "commitment" is a difficult one for you. Take a chance and let love in. It is only for the month. On June 26th, Mars, our inner champion, is going retrograde till August 27th. Your attitude, mind, learning, writing, and community are triggered during this Mars cycle. Learn to meditate, discipline your mind, get involved in community service. You're a natural defender of the truth, but please watch against getting into arguments. You can be somewhat self-righteous in your beliefs, dear Sag. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Kick off summer with a health coach, acupuncturist, and/or meditation guru this month, Capricorn. You'll need it. On June 26th, Mars is going retrograde and the energy will be stagnant for the entire summer. Mars is all about our drive, competitive nature, sexuality—it's our inner warrior. Mars enters your 2nd house of self-worth and cash flow. Yes, you read you that correctly—money. Breathe, Cap. You are the hardest working and most pragmatic sign of the zodiac. Time to recreate ways of generating income. Be inventive and take a risk. Don't forget the self-care! 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Enjoy the romance, love affairs, and summer fun while they last! On June 26th there's drastic shift in the sky. Mars, our warrior goddess, is going backward. Mars retrograding in Aquarius is a rare celestial event. (Last time it occurred was 47 years ago!) Reinvent yourself, Aquarius. You are good at that. Being your true, weird, authentic self is crucial to your happiness. Take a risk, present yourself differently to the world, and don't get pissed off at your friends. You've got until August 27th. Get excited to see who you're going to be in the fall. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Your inspiration comes from hanging out at home this month. Cook, decorate, and entertain—it will nourish your soul, Pisces. Your imagination and creativity need the right environment to flourish. Mars will be in retrograde from June 26th until August 27th, aka your drive, sexual energy, and mojo is hiding out in your 12th house of seclusion. You really must access your spiritual warrior. It's a time of reflection. Go on a retreat, find a guru, and/or volunteer. Whatever you decide, find a purpose and get out of your own way. Do watch out, because your idea of a retreat could be eating too many edibles, zoning out, and watching Netflix. 

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