Your July Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for July...
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A Full Moon in Capricorn at 11 degrees arrives on July 3. Because Capricorn is being activated and lit up, we are gaining more insight into practical responsibilities, stability, structure and security. Capricorn has immense emotional strength and stoic endurance, coupled with grounded practicality. Yet there is another quality to this sign — originally, he was the mystical sea goat, full of profound wisdom, depth and spirituality. During this lumination, we can readily tap into these qualities of the sea goat. The Full Moon highlights areas of your life you may have avoided, offering insight and clarity. It is basically a reality check, which can sometimes be jolting. This is your chance to be that stoic Capricorn and take care of business. It highlights the balance between our personal and work lives and how we maintain reasonable boundaries. Saturn in Pisces rules this lunation, Saturn wants structure, boundaries and containment, yet in Pisces, it is softer quality, which is adaptable, fluid and compassionate. It is more compassionate, so there is more give and take. There is a sextile between Saturn and the Moon; you can anchor down and get secure, which gives you long-term stability and security. Capricorn looks for long-term goals, not immediate gratification, especially regarding financial matters. Full Moons are releases and culminations, so let go of what no longer serves you. Tap into the profound wisdom Capricorn has beneath the surface.


Mars is in fastidious Virgo until August 27. Mars in Virgo is analytical — organized, well-researched, a planner and a workhorse. He is strategic and cerebral; he is the red pen an editor might use when looking over a first draft. Virgo loves a plan and a schedule, so they're certainly a stickler for itineraries. There can be a perfectionist or workaholic streak. This sign tends to have a greater interest in excelling or mastering a particular skill. Mars is action-driven; in Virgo, he needs the facts, details and information before moving forward. Our standards for ourselves are high during this cycle and we work hard to be accurate, precise and efficient. We are less reactive with Mars in Virgo; however, we can tend to be nervous or overthinking. Mars is precise and efficient and can get overwhelmed by the minutiae. It is the ideal time to accomplish tasks or projects with precision — this summer isn't just about relaxing and unwinding. 


The New Moon in Cancer at 24 degrees arrives on July 17. Cancer embodies home, memories and mood and is all-around sentimental — you might start to reminisce about childhood and family history. During this time, three outer plants interact with the lunation. Disruptor Uranus wil sextile the lunation; it is an energy urging us to let go of the past and move into our authenticity, whereas dreamy Neptune also trines it, offering a soulful, intuitive vibe, encouraging us to lose ourselves in art, film, or spiritual practices. The central aspect is the opposition to powerful Pluto, which reveals undercurrents or secrets coming to light. Power dynamics within relationships will be apparent; who is in charge or control? Are you acquiescing or negotiating for what you need? The fixed star Pollux in separating conjunction, denotes an adventurous, rambunctious nature considered a benefic; however, it can be rash, crafty, brave and audacious when afflicted. This New Moon is the opening for the subsequent changes and shifts, with nodal axis shifting signs and Venus retrograde — the beginnings of a pivotal two-week period and for the rest of the year. Begin to claim your power in a gentle yet firm Cancerian manner. 


From July 17, 2023, through January 11, 2025, the lunar nodes will be in the Aries - Libra axis, switching from Taurus and Scorpio. With the North Node in autonomous Aries and the South node in relationship-oriented Libra, relationship dynamics, alliances and partnerships are the evolutionary theme now globally. As a collective, we are learning how to balance our desire for autonomy with the necessity of interdependence; this year and a half can bring about an awakening around personal power and relationships. The nodes retrograde through the signs, completing a revolution over 18.5 years. The nodal axis is the dragon's head and tail; they act as karmic gates, with the North node directing us forward into the unknown, whereas the South is what we need to release. The placement of the transiting nodes reveals where we are going, what we can't get enough of and what we need to let go of. The Aries North Node is insatiable, amplifying and intensifying planets in Aries. In contrast, Libra is where we can feel drained or exhausted. We are learning that delicate balance of autonomy, self-confidence, courageousness versus codependency, overtly pleasing others and external validation. Aries inspires confrontation, a worthy battle, heroism and boldness. Be that superhero who chooses noble battles, while feeling vital, valuable and fearless. Not willing to compromise its principles for unity, Aries shows us how to be a courageous and valiant warrior. May our relationships shift greatly, only to the ones that challenge and inspire us. Cheers to courageous love, we're excited to see how this nodal shift unfolds. 


Mars in Virgo at 6 degrees opposes Saturn in Pisces at 6 degrees. It is the most challenging aspect of the month, which brings frustration as well as thwarted desires. Mars in Virgo accomplishes things with precision, details and effort, while Saturn in Pisces is vague, non-committal and kind of out to lunch. Mars creates the frustration as he is in a temporary holding pattern, unable to move forward while waiting for Saturn's official sign-off. Clarifying your plan while being realistic about the timeline is imperative, knowing that you can control what isn't within your control — be patient, persistent and don't forget to breathe — this too shall pass. Take this moment with a grain of salt and the cosmos is here to provide you with the journey to the right path, never to lead you astray. 


We hope you're ready because the fun and exciting Leo Season begins on July 22! Sun in Leo invites us to embrace joy and creativity while pursuing our passions. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is the essence of creative energy. Symbolized by the Lion, the king of the beasts is strong, confident, and regal. Leo's season invites us to tap into his majestic qualities and gifts of generosity, loyalty, leadership, and courage. Leo season inspires us to open our hearts, joy, and enthusiasm for life. The regal lioness demands attention while radiating warmth, confidence, and respect. She is broad-minded, enthusiastic, and magnanimous. This is the time to play, dress in bright colors, be seen, dance, and shine your radiance outward. Leo energy is readily accessible now; let your inner Leo shine outwardly! Embrace all that is you. 


Venus starts retrograde at 28 degrees of Leo on July 22 - Sept 3. As she begins, her retrograde is an evening star that is visible after sunset; she will slowly fade from view as the month progresses and becomes a morning star. Venus retrograde starts as an exhale, a stopping point, an ending, or a pause. She invites us to retrace our steps from the past few months and reflect upon our actions and interactions. She is reviewing from a place of self-respect.

Venus in Leo wants quality, the best of the best, in all of her undertakings, from lovers to pleasure. You may recess friendships and your habits related to fun and enjoyment. What do you find pleasurable? How are you experiencing joy? All relationships, family, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues are under review for the next six weeks. Slow down, as you have time to reshape these relationships more authentically. For the next four weeks, the ruler of Venus retrograde is the Sun, which is in its rulership in Leo; there is a real sense of enriching our relationships and experiences while the Sun is in Leo. Ask for what you deserve and want. Venus in Leo needs to be seen and adored. Venus retrogrades in Leo every eight years, so we invite you to return to the Summer of 2015, as there could be echoes from that time and similar rhythms to reflect upon. Usually, during Venus retrograde cycles, ghosts from the past resurface, like past partnerships, lovers, exes, and old friends. These cycles allow us to recalibrate and make better future choices. But those lessons could get messy; Venus in Leo will do anything for love as long she is respected. Each Venus retrograde cycle allows us to open our hearts and find ways to express love more authentically and expansively. Cheers to real love and the lessons it may bring!
Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in July 2023...


Aries, July brings major shifts for you because, guess what? It is all about you! One of the most significant transits of 2023 arrives on July 17, when the lunar nodes change signs into the Aries - Libra axis. Nodes aren't objects in space, but figurative nexus points, like directions on the cosmic compass, indicating where you need to let go, heal and where your most significant growth is. A new 18-month cycle of transition, change and clarifying new priorities begins. This is one of the most auspicious and changeling alignments, as the North Node in Aries invites you to stretch yourself and grow, with the opportunity for significant personal growth and discovery. The South Node in Libra is where you must reassess how you navigate your partnerships. Certain relationships will require redefining. You are discovering parts of yourself — your relationships must pivot as you evolve. The North node conjunct with your Sun invites you to tap into and express your noblest traits. The Sun represents the heart of who you are, your true spirit, individuality and creative self-expression. It's our limitless potential. You are the zodiac's leader, a courageous, independent risk-taker. Aries, it's time to get to work!  



 July is a pivotal month, as your ruler Venus goes retrograde on July 22, at 28 degrees of Leo. You're affected most by Venus's retrograde cycles since she is your ruling planet. Venus will retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights. Venus encourages you to reflect, review and revise the area of your chart where she lands, as she's dwelling in your fourth house of home and rootedness. Family relationships and the beautification of your home are your priorities now. Venus retrogrades in Leo every eight years, so go back to 2015; there could be echoes from that time and similar rhythms to reflect upon. During Venus retrograde cycles, ghosts from the past resurface, past partnerships, childhood friends, lovers and exes. These cycles allow you to recalibrate and heal broken relationships. Reflecting on your values and processing how you give and receive love is necessary. You're invited to cultivate joy, happiness and generosity. Is your home life joyous and beautiful? If not, you can shift things, beautify your home and tend to your family dynamics. This cycle allows you to recalibrate, opening your heart to express love more authentically. Cheers to a loving home full of comfort and ethereal beauty.


July 17 brings one of the most significant alignments as the nodal axis shifts into Aries and Libra. This is the celestial compass that points you toward growth. The North Node in Aries illuminates your 11th house of aspirations, friends and hopes. The nodes retrograde through the signs, completing a revolution over 18.5 years. Could you think back to 2005, the last time the nodal axis was here, similar echoes or themes may re-emerge. Gemini, it's imperative to have a tribe that challenges you. You may break free from friendships that stifle you — it's about empowering you to embrace your individuality and connect with others who share your vision for the future. You're ready to express a new way of being in the world and experience the evolutionary impact of others in your life. The South Node in Libra dwells in your 5th house of creativity and romance. The South Node takes effort and feels draining, while the North is exciting and unstable. For the next 18 months, your growth lies in your friends, aspirations and networks. You'll have to navigate the delicate balance of autonomy and dependency. Cheers to growth, friends and the future!


 July ushers a major celestial shift as the lunar nodes change signs. This cycle lasts 18 months, allowing you to grow and stretch beyond what you previously knew. The North Node in Aries contains an insatiable quality where you can't get enough. In this sign, it's competitive, assertive, adventurous and pioneering – seeking out challenges that make you feel enthused and stimulated. During this time, your 10th house of career is ignited, lit and on fire. The North Node last visited Aries in 2005, Whatever you spearheaded then could give clues about what's coming in 2023. Your career will take precedence over the next 18 months. Cancer, you may surprise yourself with your all-consuming ambition, drive and assertiveness in your career. You may feel motivated to align your work with a more profound sense of purpose. For the tricky part, the South Node is in a relationship-oriented Libra, in your 4th house of home. Your pull will be towards work, while the 'work' or the release is here. Finding that elusive work-life balance is essential now. However, this area is where you may feel drained or exhausted. Cancer, pursue your passion and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit to achieve your career aspirations.



The major celestial event of the year occurs on July 17, when the lunar nodal axis shifts into Aries and Libra. The houses they fall in show you the area of life in which you will grow. You're ready to experience a rapid infusion of new awareness here! Leo, wanderlust is your new mantra for the next 18 months, as the North Node in bold Aries stirs up your house of long-distance travel, spiritual pursuits and knowledge. The North Node is insatiable and pulls you out of your comfort zone. You'll be drawn to find a deeper meaning and purpose in life, embarking on a journey to explore and expand! The nodal axis returns to the same place every 18.5 years, so think back to 2005; similar echoes may reverberate. Aries needs freedom and autonomy while seeking challenges. It is a time of self-discovery and independence while taking bold action while pursuing your goals and desires. Now, the South Node is where you need to let release – for you, it's in the peace-loving sign of Libra, your 3rd house of communication and learning. You'll need to communicate more effectively or further your education. Cheers to adventure, Leo!



Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign for six glorious weeks on July 10th. Mars energizes you, leaving you feeling empowered and strong. He comes around every two years to give you a boost and a reboot. Mars is the planner, researcher and cerebral analyzer, so be mindful not to get stuck in overthinking that can lead to inaction. It gets tricky on July 20th, when Mars opposes stern Saturn, which is the most challenging aspect of the month. Virgo, handle your emotions carefully, as you'll feel frustrated in your relationships — be patient, breathe — this will soon pass. Venus is going retrograde this month and hiding out in your 12th house, where you go to escape, retreat, meditate and find inspiration. It's also where you store hidden secrets, unconscious behaviors and self-sabotaging habits. Venus comes around every eight years, so think back to 2015; similar themes from then will emerge. Old lovers often show up during Venus retrogrades. Ensure you get the space and alone time you crave this month. This is not the time to make decisions regarding your relationships; wait until Venus goes direct on September 3rd. So Virgo, wait to spring (rather summer) into action!


July is a momentous month for you, Libra! It is all about relationships. Your sense of identity and relationships are in for an overhaul. July 17 is one of the most significant alignments as the nodal axis shifts into Aries and Libra from until early 2025. The nodal axis is like a celestial compass, pointing you toward growth. Are you ready to grow beyond what you've previously known in your relationships? You're ready to experience a rapid infusion of new awareness here. Every 18 months, the nodes change signs, changing the collective destiny. Libra, you can shed certain parts of your identity you've outgrown. Your growth lies in your committed relationships where the North Node in Aries dwells. Relationships will deepen and nourish, yet you must face your fate head-on. It's time to look at codependency issues or an overemphasis on pleasing or external validation. Bold, independent Aries demand you exert your confidence and autonomy within a partnership. You can evolve for the next 18 months; your relationships improve as you develop a more independent sense of confidence and self. Get ready to step into the new you, Libra — it's coming faster than you think. 



Venus, the planet of love and relationships, turns retrograde in dramatic Leo on July 22, in your 10th house of career. Venus retrogrades through the same part of the sky and our charts every eight years. This means this retrograde picks up on a related theme experienced in the Summer of 2015, so think back to this time — what happened then? Similar themes may arise. Venus retrograde in Leo asks you to reassess and reflect upon your relationship with yourself and others. It is a pause, an opportunity to slow down, reflect and develop deeper relationships and how you relate to joy or pleasure. Does your work bring you joy? Are you valued and respected? How are your relationships with your colleagues? These are questions to reflect upon now. Now is the time to reclaim a sense of empowerment, respect and value. Expand your consciousness and, above all else, respect yourself. This is a time to truly shift your life in a new direction, as Venus yearns for truth and beauty. 



Mars, the planet of action, enters Virgo for six weeks, activating your 10th house of career. Virgo is analytical, organized, a researcher, a planner and a workhorse. Mars comes around every two years to give you an infusion of energy and a cosmic boost. Please don't waste this precious opportunity; focus on your career, take a risk and move forward with a new project, idea, or inspiration. There is a glitch on July 20, when stern Saturn clashes with Mars; your career goals may get derailed as your desires get thwarted by Saturn, while family responsibilities may pull you away from work. This is a frustrating temporary holding pattern — be patient, persistent and don't forget to breathe. The sun enters fellow fire sign Leo on July 22, highlighting your adventurous side and igniting your natural proclivity for expansion and learning. Venus is Leo is there too, activating your wanderlust desires, your ultimate dopamine rush. Venus turns retrograde on July 22. Usually, during this time, ghosts from the past resurface; lovers, exes and old friends. You may need to be on high alert during this time, watching out for relationships. You're deeper than the fun, extroverted exterior you present — you crave knowledge, expansion and above all else, more from this life. Pause and rediscover what makes your heart sing Sag.


Capricorn — life, as you know, is about to change! A major celestial event occurs on July 17, when the lunar nodal shifts into the Aries/Libra axis. Every 18 months, the nodes change signs, signaling a new collective destiny. The houses they fall in reveal the area of life where you will grow beyond what you've previously known. For you, it's the 4th house of home and 10th house of career. The North Node in Aries will ignite your 4th house of home, family, and innermost self — this is your highest potential and growth area. You have the opportunity to reinvent your domestic life. Aries is an action-driven, bold risk-taker that needs autonomy. Aries does not compromise its principles for unity; this can be challenging in your home life. Yet he is courageous and confrontational and seeks relationships that challenge and inspire. The South Node is in Libra and will activate your career house. Capricorn, your natural proclivity is to work (you thrive on it), however now is the time to reassess it — recognize and release your outgrown responsibilities. Libra tends towards codependency, overtly pleasing others, and external validation. Be brutally honest and look at relationship dynamics in work. The equilibrium between home and work will be your priority, with home taking precedence. We know it's tough for a Capricorn to do, but you've got this! Cheers to a more balanced life! 

With a bit of drama, Aquarius, the Summer of Love, has begun! Leo season is illuminating your house of relationships. You're invited to open your heart and express your innate joy and inner radiance. Leo rules your house of partnerships, where you reveal your inner warmth. Aquarius, it's beneficial for you to have a partner who embodies Leo's qualities of loving, warm, expressive, and dramatic partners. On the same day, Venus, the planet of love, is in Leo, joining the Sun, and will turn retrograde; let the drama begin. Pivot, pause, exhale; Venus retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years; think back to the Summer of 2015, as there could be echoes from that time and similar rhythms to reflect upon. Still, there's a real sense of enriching your relationships and experiences while the Sun is in Leo. You need to be seen and adored. This cycle allows you to grow and recalibrate your relationships. These lessons can get messy as Venus in Leo can be a diva with soap opera intensity, but for a cool, aloof Aquarius, you are out of your comfort zone. Sound relationships will thrive; those that aren't won't. Ghosts from the past may resurface. Venus in Leo will do anything for love as long as she's respected. If you're single, hold off on committing until Venus goes direct; most likely, it's just a Summer fling. Cheers to real love and the lessons it may bring!




Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters Virgo on July 10,  heating up your 7th house of relationships. Mars encourages you to take risks, be proactive, and go after what you want. This planet is detailed, gentle, discerning, and helpful in Virgo. Be mindful of overthinking and not taking action when needed. There can be challenges in your partnerships, testing your limits; there is no denying that friction is hot. On July 20, things get weird as stern Saturn clashes with Mars, thwarting your desires. Frustration levels are peaked, with yourself and your partners, try to find the silver lining in the storm cloud and rise above the drama. Let the blowouts act as catalysts for new possibilities, along with Venus retrograde in Leo; both will activate your house of wellness and daily routines. Pisces, find your joy in the mundane. Prioritize routines that make you feel special. Take a dance class, soak in the ocean, and blast your music while organizing your office. Find magic in the present moment. During Venus retrograde, reclaim your joy and realize your worthiness is not about how much you've ticked off your to-do list, but rather, sharing your inner radiance outward. Pisces, you have the innate ability to make anything non-magical magical. Cheers to realizing you’ve been enough all along!- 



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