Your January Horoscopes

Happy New Year! From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for January...

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What an excellent omen for the start of the year. On New Year’s Day, Mercury (the trickster) stations direct in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. This transit leaves the past behind and focuses on the future. The energy shifts toward expansion and exploration, encouraging us to broaden our minds and worldview. Sagittarius seeks meaning, a higher purpose, spirituality and travel. We start 2024 with a sense of optimism with Mercury in Sagittarius, inviting us to hone in on what will bring a deeper meaning and purpose to our lives. Sagittarius is not about the details, but the grand vision. Dream big while making your plans for 2024!



Mars in Capricorn gives us a deliberate, restrained, accomplishment-driven version of Mars for the next six weeks. Mars is working at its strategic, thoughtful and intentional best—lending an infusion of hardworking, focused determination. Mars becomes visible in the sky in mid-January, improving his effectiveness and granting us access our decisive power. It’s thoughtful, contained, grounded energy which leads to asserting ourselves in a positive way. Mars in Capricorn offers consistency and clarity in initiating long-term plans and goals…along with determination, discipline and drive.


The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, the first new moon of 2024. It’s an exciting, groundbreaking lunation, making a harmonious aspect to innovative Uranus. We can easily break patterns with Uranus in the mix. Uranus adds excitement and surprises, while Capricorn gives us focus, pragmatism and drive. Add to the energy of change, the new moon tightly squares the nodes of fate, challenging us to leave our comfort zone for a more fulfilling future. We are now clarifying our long-term plans and goals for the year. Saturn in Pisces rules the New Moon; we want to move forward meaningfully as we plan for significant changes in our lives for 2024. We are looking at the long-term vision: how do we envision our lives and how do we create it? Housing, relationships, career? Utilize the practical, grounded Capricorn energy to create structure and discipline to achieve your long-term goals efficiently. Within 24 hours of the New Moon, Mars in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus, bringing confidence, luck and expansion, while igniting our motivation. Now is the time to set your intentions and make those New Year's resolutions! 



It’s the end of an era as Pluto wraps up its stay in Capricorn, which began 15 years ago in 2008. Pluto ingressed into Capricorn when the subprime mortgage crisis hit. On the global stage, we've dealt with governmental control, the banking crisis, corruption, big business and the patriarchy—not to mention the rise of right-wing authoritarianism. On a personal level, for those with planets or angles in Capricorn, this was one of your lifetime's most pivotal transits. Pluto's transits to personal planets are not gentle; the archetype of Pluto is the Shaman. He initiates us, giving us the medicine we need. We have no choice but to take it. The house in our natal charts where Pluto was activated transformed that area of life entirely. It was intense, powerful and essential to our growth. Pluto demolishes and clears the way for regeneration. As we wrap up this, the Sun and Pluto are at 29 degrees, an anorectic degree of irrevocability and finality – the end of the cycle. We have one last opportunity to let go of issues or circumstances around old power dynamics or hidden motivations. Let's enter the new era with strength, wisdom and integrity. 


Prepare for a fast-paced energy shift. Aquarius season wants stimulating, intellectual social interaction. We want to engage with like-minded people who get us. Aquarius is a social air sign that signifies light and clarity. They have a way of thinking clearly and are transmitters of knowledge. The fiercely independent and self-reliant water-bearer can appear differently to some and stand apart from the crowd. Their need for authenticity is essential to their way of being — allow them to be themselves and you'll find yourself inspired for the future. They are progressive thinkers who are at ease with being at odds with the norm. The spirit of Aquarius is the humanitarian, whose interest is in progressive ideas for collective society and humanity as a whole. Be authentic this Aquarius season and hang out with a few Aquarians to learn how to break free of the constraints of society. 


Pluto's entry into Aquarius is an epic shift and one of the decade's most significant transits. Pluto is a "transpersonal" planet whose impact is on a large-scale, collective and generational level. Pluto's ingress into Aquarius will alter our lives significantly. Pluto governs transformation, rebirth and monumental metamorphosis. Pluto is the God of the Underworld, representing subconscious forces and everything that lives beneath the surface. Pluto is power, wealth, demolition and regeneration. Pluto's transits reveal what must be broken up and rebuilt for the betterment of humanity. We had a preview last March-June 2023 when Pluto entered Aquarius, giving us a brief view of the massive cosmic shifts to come. Aquarius is represented by a water bearer carrying a vase to share with the masses, symbolizing equity, humanity and knowledge. Aquarius is associated with scientific breakthroughs, technological advancements and the needs of society at large. As we enter Pluto in Aquarius, an order of so-called reality slowly gets dismantled. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, it dismantled the central belief that the King had divine rights. Pluto in Aquarius brought epic changes in social structures with the French Revolution, the ratification of the American Constitution and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 

We are on the brink of a new world as we catapult into the future, as innovations and inventions will abound. We've already witnessed AI, technology, science and surveillance advancements. Massive advances in science and biotech will occur. AI, technology corruption, plutocracy and the massive wealth connected to the tech world are under Pluto's domain now. Who controls and regulates technology? These will need to be under intense scrutiny. There is much more to say about this epic transit; we have just begun dancing with it. Pluto in Aquarius will activate a particular house in our natal charts, calling for a total transformation in that area of life over the next 20 years. Pluto transforms on the cellular level; we are never the same after a Pluto transit. For anyone with planets or angles in Aquarius, this will be one of the most important transits of your lifetime. Pluto moves ever so slowly, taking 20 years to complete the cycle. At first, it is a subtle and profound shift as we draw our attention to the Aquarius part of our chart. May Pluto in Aquarius be a benefit to all! 



Venus enters Capricorn, offering her gifts of calm and steadiness. She inspires us as we turn towards her qualities, bringing a wise, classic elegance. She wants quality over quantity in every aspect of her life—providing us stability, longevity and loyalty to our interpersonal connections. It's ideal to deepen a friendship, solidify a professional partnership or plan a long-term relationship with a romantic partner. She is committed and intentional, giving her time and energy to the people who matter most. Venus in Capricorn has an innate ability to motivate and support her loved ones in their ambitious pursuits. 



A full moon in Leo is highly dramatic. The Sun in Aquarius rules the lunation conjoins Pluto in Aquarius, adding intensity, control and power dynamics. It is a layered complex Full Moon that brings hidden things to light out in the open. Meanwhile, Jupiter tightly squares the New Moon, expanding the theatrical quality and creating an over-the-top tone. With Jupiter involved, we have to deal with things that have gotten out of balance; squares to Jupiter indicate excess. We might feel excited and enthusiastic about a bold dream we want to pursue, yet we'll have to navigate various pressures as we try to manage demands to work towards that goal. There will likely be revelations around the Leo and Aquarius houses in your chart. These areas of your life are in negotiation and we must navigate both viewpoints. This may feel like a tug of war as we feel pulled in different directions. We need to be cautious and mindful to avoid making reactive choices. It is messy and dramatic as we contend with various undercurrents. Please don't get swept into the emotional fray; instead, tap into Aquarius's detached, cool demeanor. Cheers to revelations and bold dreams!

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in January 2024...


Buckle up on the career front, Aries! January 2024 is one of the most pivotal months you’ve ever had at work. As cliché as it sounds, this is the month to make those lofty, epic, ambitious New Year's resolutions. We begin on a positive omen with Mercury stations direct. The significant transit is Mars, your ruler, entering Capricorn on January 4, activating your house of career. He’s exalted in Capricorn, giving you laser-like focus and determination to accomplish whatever you set your sights on. He offers consistency and clarity in initiating long-term plans and goals. Use this jolt of focused and hardworking energy. Contributing to Mars's potency, a New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, igniting your career even further. Capricorn is strategic and aims for long-term viability. A harmonious trine from innovative Uranus is urging you to take calculated risks. Think epic, Aries, as you envision the long-term goals and how to create them. Venus joins the Capricorn party happening in your career sector on January 23, offering harmony, connection, collaboration and cooperation. The cosmos have set you up for success, so create a solid foundation to carry you through the crazy, wild 2024. 



Deep in thought, Taurus? The year kicks off with you contemplating the cosmos. January sets the stage for the year: it’s the month to get it together. Find the answers in your 9th house of spirituality, philosophy, higher education and long-distance travel. A bevy of planets in pragmatic Capricorn will ignite this area of your life. Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, working strategically, thoughtfully and intentionally. It's an infusion of focused determination. Mars aligns with expansive Jupiter, providing you the extra confidence to take meaningful action. The 9th house theme continues as a New Moon in Capricorn on January 11. The New Moon trines innovative Uranus. Taurus, you tend towards a fixed mindset. Uranus is a disruptor, breaking you of habitually stuck mental patterns. As you clarify your long-term goals for the year, do so with the intent of purpose and meaning. Dream big! When you make your New Year's resolutions, this is the year they can actualize with wisdom from the 9th house. May you have an open mind and open heart in 2024. 



2024 begins on a positive note when Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius on January 1. Venus joins him as she lights up your 7th house of personal and professional relationships. She bestows an optimistic, adventurous spirit—bringing expansiveness and a willingness for harmony, connection and love. The central theme of January happens in your 8th house of shared resources, debts, financial obligations and personal vulnerability. It is where our fears and angst dwell. There is a stellium of planets in Capricorn here all month to assist with getting this house in order. Mars enters Capricorn on January 4 for six weeks, giving you a determined, strategic focus in initiating your long-term goals. He aligns with expansive Jupiter, giving you the confidence and courage to take action. A New Moon in a Capricorn arrives on January 20, joining the 8th soirée. This potent lunation trines innovative Uranus, assisting you in breaking up patterns where you are habitually stuck. The New Moon tightly squares the nodes of fate, challenging you to leave your comfort zone for a more fulfilling future. The New Moon is about clarifying and envisioning your long-term plans and goals for the year. Capricorn offers pragmatism, structure and discipline as you move forward from a place of strength, wisdom and freedom. Cheers to a liberating January!




In January, relationships are front and center. Those can be personal or business partnerships—but either way, they’re pivotal to create a solid foundation for 2024. Pluto in Capricorn, is closing out a 15-year cycle in your house of relationships that was one of your lifetime's most significant transits. Pluto transformed this area of life entirely, demolishing and regenerating it. Now, get ready to soar! There is a line of planets in Capricorn dwelling in your house of relationships all month. Mars will join the Sun there as he enters Capricorn on January 4. Mars comes around every two years to reactivate this area of your life. Mars in Capricorn is in his power at his strategic, intentional best. He gives you the confidence and assertiveness to move forward decisively. A New Moon in Capricorn joins the 7th house party on January 11, bringing groundbreaking fresh energy. It is the day to make those lofty, epic New Year’s resolutions. The New Moon harmoniously aligns with innovative Uranus, making it easier to let go of habitual patterns in relationships and establish stability. Saturn rules the New Moon; as you look at your long-term plans for 2024, do so with meaningful intent. Time to find the partner who is worthy of you!




It's all about you this month, Leo—and we know you love to hear it! Self-care and wellbeing are front and center. As Capricorn energy dominates the cosmos, it’s time to establish long-term habits and routines. Create the foundation to help you ride the wild waves of 2024. Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, jumpstarting you with focused determination. He offers consistency and discipline as you commit to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. A New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, forming a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus. You’re invited to break free from entrenched habits to establish new and long-lasting results. This lunation bodes very well for your New Year’s resolutions! Aquarius Season arrives on January 20, highlighting personal and professional partners. Pluto ingresses into Aquarius the same day for a 20-year stay—shifting your focus subtly yet profoundly to your committed relationships. 

Your annual Full Moon in Leo arrives dramatically on January 25, and it’s an intense, over-the-top, complex one. There can be tension in your partnerships about power dynamics, so try not to react rashly. This will bring up issues deep beneath the surface. It’s still your moment to shine, but you'll need to navigate various undercurrents. Cheers to wellbeing!




The January skies are looking out for you, Virgo. This begins January 1, when Mercury in Sagittarius stations direct. The theme of January is your creative expression, pleasure and children igniting the 5th house, your house of joy. That’s where you must create a solid foundation to ride the unpredictable waves of 2024. The 5th house will be your refuge! Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, providing a thoughtful, strategic and focused determination in your creative life. Capricorn's energy aligns with your meticulous attention to detail as you strive for excellence. The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, joining the 5th house party. It is an exciting New Moon, making a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus. You tend to overanalyze and become paralyzed in your quest for perfection. Uranus will break you free from where you get habitually stuck. How exciting is that? On this New Moon, make those grand New Year's resolutions; you'll have the resolve to actualize them. As you move forward, do so with meaningful intent. Cheers to joy and creativity!




Home, family, foundations and private life are paramount this month. Focus on getting your home life together and make it your sanctuary. This will be your refugee as you navigate the epic shifts in 2024. Pluto, in Capricorn, has been mining and transforming your 4th house of home and roots for the last 15 years. It has been a profound emotional excavation, yet essential for your growth. Rejoice; it's over on January 20 when he enters Aquarius. Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, lending steady, focused, determined energy. A New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, joining the 4th house lineup and aligning with innovative Uranus. Where you get stuck in those old patterns, disruptor Uranus will set you free. Embrace the energy of change; the New Moon tightly squares the nodes of fate, pushing you to create a more fulfilling life. Look at your long-term vision and choose the direction you want to move towards, with meaning and purpose. The Capricorn energy creates the structure and discipline to achieve your long-term goals. Venus, your ruler, enters Capricorn on January 24, bringing calming harmony and classic elegance to your home.





2024 promises a wild ride and it’s time to set a solid foundation. Your house of mind and communication have been excavated by Pluto in Capricorn since 2008—shifting your perceptions and clearing away debris. He exists on January 20 and regeneration begins. For you, the best transit of the month occurs when your ruler Mars enters Capricorn on January 4. Mars in Capricorn brings clarity and determination in initiating long-term plans and goals—a gift from the cosmos. You're a profound, deep thinker who doesn't do superficiality, yet you are prone to obsessive, dark thoughts. Practice cultivating positive thoughts and like all your thoughts, they will be powerful.  The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, joining Mars in the 3rd house. This groundbreaking lunation makes a harmonious aspect to innovative Uranus. Capricorn brings discipline and structure, while Uranus brings fresh ideas and excitement. What do you envision for 2024? You're immensely perceptive, candid and probing. As you set your goals and aspirations, do so with purposeful intention. 2024 is the year to share your knowledge and depth to benefit others!




You're magnetizing as you step into 2024. Venus is in your sign until January 23, radiating optimism. This month sets the tone for the whole year and your assignment is to work on financial stability—lay the groundwork and you’ll thank yourself later. The cosmos are setting you up for success! Mars in Capricorn (arriving January 4) activates your house of finances, material possessions and value. Mars in deliberate Capricorn give you a focused determination to get things in order. Now is the time to think of long-term plans and goals, New Year’s resolutions for future success. Restrained discipline isn’t your forte but imagine it—you might even become frugal this year. Adding to Mars's potency, a New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11, igniting the 2nd house. When you set those intentions, you’ll find the focus to carry them through. This New Moon trines innovative Uranus, urging you to break free from entrenched habits that no longer serve you. Perhaps it's overspending? The New Moon tightly squares the nodes of fate, urging you to leave your comfort zone for a more fulfilling future. As you move forward into 2024, spend with purposeful intent. 




Happy Birthday, Cap! January is your month to soar! Capricorn energy dominates the cosmos for the month and the spotlight is on you. It is a crucial month that sets the stage for 2024. What do you want to accomplish, cultivate and aspire to this year? The possibilities are limitless. Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, jolting you with tremendous power and focus. His energy is a determined, disciplined and accomplishment-driven for the next six weeks. To add to his potency, your annual New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11. This lunation forms a fortuitous trine to innovative Uranus, urging you to let go of those entrenched habits that hold you back. Once you do, nothing will stop you! The nodes of fate create tension in the new moon, challenging you to leave your comfort zone and step into a fulfilling future. What do you envision for 2024 and beyond? Venus joins the Capricorn party on January 23, bestowing you with magnetism and ease relating to others.  One of the most significant changes arrives on January 20, as Pluto exits Capricorn. Pluto has taken up residency in your 1st house of self and identity for the last 15 years. You've undergone a complete metamorphosis; now is the time to own the potency you're meant to embody in the world. Cheers to all that you aspire to!



January is the start of a new era. In the wild year ahead, your refuge will be your 12th house of solitude, subconscious and service. Hibernate there for a few weeks. It’s where Pluto has spent the last 15 years excavating the hidden, self-sabotaging parts of your psyche. That’s been a painful process, but necessary for your growth. Next comes regeneration, with help from Mars in Capricorn. In that position, Mars infuses you with hardworking, focused determination. This will manifest in your work, solo and in community with others. You’re the humanitarian of the zodiac, so look for places to lend a hand. On January 11, a New Moon in Capricorn trines with innovative Uranus—giving you the power to release old baggage. This moon also squares the nodes of fate, pushing you forward to leave your comfort zone for a more fulfilling future. 
What are your dreams and aspirations for 2024? Make those lofty New Year resolutions; this is the year to do so! The arrival of Aquarius Season is the dawn of a new era, beginning a 20-year cycle that will completely transform you on a personal level. You're starting a metamorphosis that will refine and reinvent you. May you begin to step into your noblest qualities—cheers to radical change! 



January sets the stage for the whole year—and your stage is focused on the 11th house of friendship, trust, dreams and aspirations. This is “The House of Good Fortune,” and strengthening it will create your refuge for weathering the wild ride 2024 has in store. This month gives you the precious resources to commit to your dreams without constantly questioning your direction. The most beneficial transit arrives on January 4, when Mars enters Capricorn. Having Mars in Capricorn for the next six weeks infuses you with laser-like focus, clarity, and consistency to initiate your long-term dreams and goals. Propelling you into 2024 with determination, discipline and drive. Do not deviate. Adding to Mars's potency, a New Moon arrives in Capricorn on January 11. This New Moon trines innovative Uranus, breaking you free where you get stuck over and over. Uranus brings excitement and surprises, while Capricorn gives you focus, pragmatism and drive. As you look at your long-term vision, how do you see it and build it? The grounded, practical Capricorn, offers structure and discipline to achieve it—with a little help from your friends. Make those grand, lofty New Year's resolutions on this New Moon because the sky is the limit. Cheers to friends and dreams coming true!


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