September 25 2014

Housekeepers Confess! Five Starchy Secrets to a Perfect Bed

Los Angeles-Stan-splaining

It’s a simple enough task, but how does your bed-making really fold up? And how do our housekeepers do it so damn right? Follow these five starchy secrets and you’ll be making beds like a pro:

1. Strip It
It’s important to start with a clean slate. The mattress pad is your foundation. It should be even and flush to the edges. Fudge this step and you’ll never catch up.

2. Aim with Precision
An inch off makes a difference. Make sure all sheets are aligned and centered perfectly. We use a seam in the headboard as a guide. The top sheet should be flush to the head of the mattress. The blanket or comforter should be 4-6 inches from the top edge.

3.Cast with Conviction
As Julia Child flipped her omelettes, so must you toss your sheets. Cast with one to two confident motions ending with a snap of the wrist. Keep a low profile. Cast too high, too much air will flood in, and your sheet will land on the floor. Too many casts and you’re just adding wrinkles.

4. Fluff Like a Pro
Before inserting the pillows into their cases, give them a solid smack in the center to redistribute the feathers. You want them as fluffed as possible before adding the slipcover. Same goes for the comforter. Make sure all those goose feathers are spread like icing on a cake.

5. The Secret Weapon
So, here’s the real secret to a perfect bed: a freshly-pressed sheet with a high quality linen. The Miele B990E rotary iron retails for $2,000. Or, rooms at The Standard, Hollywood start at $225 (bed-making included).