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Have Your Cake And Drink It, Too

Done wrong, we can’t think of anything worse. Done right, they're a delicious, civilized way to finish a meal. Dessert cocktails, which enjoyed a moment in the 90s, fell out of favor when every shoddy barkeep started slinging overly sweet, cloying concoctions. Our Chef de Bar, Gates Otsuji, set out to modernize dessert drinks using only the finest, of-the-moment ingredients, like Cynar, garden mint, and an aloe liqueur for subtle botanical notes. The result? Really, really delicious cocktails that also happen to be beautiful to behold. But, you have to eat your dinner first, Narcissa is ready for you.

Crème de Menthe

The Mint-Chocolate Chill is modeled on the Grasshopper, a favorite of the Don Draper era. It tastes something like an Oreo cookie with a toothpaste filling when made according to the traditional recipe; a mixture of Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao and cream.

Narcissa's version:
But by making our own Crème de Menthe with garden mint, and using high quality Crème de Cacao, plus an aloe liqueur to balance the cream, it tastes (dare we say it) like the first After Eight you ate when you were properly stoned, lying somewhere in a meadow at night. Bliss.

Coffee Cruiser

The espresso martini. Espresso and vodka? Yuck! But who doesn't like a combination of caffeine and alcohol?

Narcissa's version:
We worked Venezuelan rum into our Coffee Cruiser to make it taste like a real cocktail rather than alcoholic espresso. A dash of Cynar, the wonder liqueur of the moment, added just a hint of botanicals.

Peanut Bluster

Though it shares few ingredients, we regard it as the Brandy Alexander of our time. To those too young to remember, Brandy Alexander was the drink that rock stars drank (and one infamously bathed in) when wastedness, munchies and a very fine palate met in perfect alignment.

Narcissa's version:
The Peanut Bluster, meanwhile, is an unholy and joyous combo of peanut butter, vodka, dark chocolate and cream.

Join us for dinner! Open seven days a week from 6 o’clock until late. Call 212-228-3344 or email us.

Narcissa is nestled next to The Standard, East Village at 25 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003.

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