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Family Portraits: Sophia, Jason, Joan, and Than

Our differences make us The Standard.
With the holiday season upon us, we at The Standard find our thoughts turning to something near and dear to our hearts: family. In light of recent events, the topic feels especially relevant. In times like these, it’s family that reminds us who we are, what’s worth fighting for, and encourages us to feel hopeful even when it's easier not to be. 

Over the next few months, we'll be exploring what it means to be a family—from the ones we’re given, to the ones we make, to the ones created by circumstance. 

What better way to start than by looking at the wonderful, diverse personalities that make up The Standard Family. The staff at our LA, NY, and Miami hotels makes us who we are, and works tirelessly to create a place where our extended family of guests (you, duh) will always feel at home. 

In the first installment of our Family Portraits series, meet Sophia Loch, Jason Brown, Joan Martinez, and Than Phoo—members of our fam at The Standard, East Village. We're happy to know them, and thankful to work alongside them. So be sure to say "hey" to them the next time you're there. You're part of our fam, too. 


Sophia Loch
Years at The Standard, East Village: Almost 1
Kitchen manager at Narcissa
Burlington, VT
Astrological Sign: 
People say I’m…
"Nicer than I actually look."
Common misconceptions about you: 
"That I can’t lift 50 pounds."
What quality do you most admire in others?  
"Empathy. Not bringing your personal stuff to work. Being able to find humor in everything."
Secret talent: 
"I’m really good at giving dogs haircuts."
Proudest “life” moment:
"My proudest and lowest moments are the same. I single-handedly 'de-flooded' the roof of the restaurant I worked at and I cleaned up the restaurant, because I was the only person wearing rain boots that day. Promptly after I finished, I fell on the floor and split my elbow open."
What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
"I like to walk around with a bunch of snacks and look around at the architecture of whatever city I’m in."
Passion project: 
"My current one is teaching underprivileged children how to cook and the importance of nutrition. This Christmas, I’m doing that for Drive Change."
Favorite song of all time:
"This is really embarrassing, but I really love Mariah Carey’s 'Fantasy,' but my end-of-the-day favorite song is 'Party Up' by DMX."


Name: Jason Brown
Years at The Standard, East Village: 5 years
 "I've been here since the beginning of The Standard, East Village, and I worked at Cooper Square Hotel before The Standard opened."
Position: Engineering supervisor
From: Jamaica
Astrological Sign: Libra
What quality do you most admire in others? 
"I like people who are understanding, because there’s a lot of gray in this world, and not a lot of black and white, and I like people that are understanding of different opinions and thought processes. And people that have money. Those people I admire. [Laughs.]"

Proudest “life” moment:
"My mother graduated college with numerous degrees. Seeing her reach those goals that she set not only makes me proud, but serves as a reminder that I have a ways to go. And that I’m a bum."

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
"I play every sport, like street hockey (no ice, we didn’t have that in Jamaica. Cool Runnings is a great movie, but I’ll leave it there). I play a lot of basketball, too. That’s what I’m known for. And soccer. And volleyball. And I used to be a semiprofessional tennis player. Oh, and badminton and table tennis."
Passion project: 
"I like to work with kids. I do that in different ways. I used to be a Sunday school teacher, that was actually my career path before finding such a wonderful career in engineering. I volunteered at Moravian Open Door."


Name: Joan Martinez

Years at The Standard, East Village: 3 years

Position: Housekeeper

From: Puerto Rico

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
"I’m very much like my sign, because I love freedom."
People say I’m…
"That I am a very friendly person and I make people feel welcome. People also say that I’m very respectful and a kind, loving person. I am very hardworking. I’ve always liked to be very independent and never rely on others."  
Common misconceptions about you: 
"When I speak Spanish, I don’t have a Puerto Rican accent, and people say I’m not Puerto Rican. They also say that I don’t look Puerto Rican. Also, my Spanish isn’t good anymore because I’m so used to speaking English."

Proudest “life” moment:
"Giving birth to my three daughters. It’s crazy how you can love someone so much in just the first second of meeting them. It’s an unbreakable bond."
What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
"I like to spend time with my daughters and raise them to have good heads on their shoulders. I make them breakfast in the morning. We either go to the mall and walk around or we stay in my room and talk all day."


Name: Than Phoo
Years at The Standard, East Village: 2 years
Position: Sous chef at Narcissa
From: Burma
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Proudest “life” moment:
"Turning 25. When I was 21 years old living in Burma, I decided I wanted to move to NY, graduate grad school with a full-ride scholarship, and get my very first full-time job in America, and I did it all by the time I was 25. I went to Bard."
Secret talent: 
"Drawing. I draw mostly funny cartoons with little speech balloons."

Passion project: 
"Opening a school in NY with a focus on cooking."
Favorite song of all time:
"'Here Comes the Sun' by The Beatles."


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