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Face Hunter's Yvan Rodic Tells Us the Secret Behind His Power

French “Elle” famously ran an article entitled, “How to Become Hip in 15 Steps” and the first step was to have your photograph taken by the Face Hunter. The Face Hunter blog has long since been the end-all-be-all for international street style. For years, Face Hunter has stood apart from other street fashion blogs by searching out inspiration in the everyday man, not necessarily the rich and famous.

Yvan Rodic and his camera

The man behind the blog, Swiss-born Yvan Rodic, is constantly traveling the world in search of innovative style and he doesn't limit himself to established fashion centers like Milan and Paris, he excels at finding fashionable people in cities like Bangkok, Istanbul, and Shanghai. He recently published a new book which surveys fashion on a global scale, a travel diary entitled, Travels With Face Hunter: Street Style From Around the World. The book features visual eye candy similar to that of Rodic’s blog, but incorporates trends from over 30 different cities, cataloging the way real people express themselves through fashion.

With all of his wanderings we thought Rodic would be the perfect person to ask, "Aside from your camera, what's the one secret travel item that you never leave home without?"

His answer. "My iPhone5 battery case. It allows me to never be out of battery when I'm out and about. Quite essential and way more tiny than most of the other models."

There you have it. What every world traveler needs - more power.

Meet Yvan Rodic in person and get him to sign his new book, Travels With Face Hunter: Street Style From Around the World, this Saturday, May 18th, at The Standard, Hollywood.

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