Expected The Unexpected With DJ RUI

Expected The Unexpected With DJ RUI

When it comes to DJ Rui, expect the unexpected. The DJ spins sets that are equal parts unpredictable and a smashing good time. Whether it’s sunny Bossa Nova or deep house, DJ Rui takes his audiences through a series of eclectic genres from jazz to soul, trip hop, hip hop, and disco. His sets have been heard from Le Mellotron in Paris and Compufunk in Osaka to Es Xiringuito in Ibiza, and most recently he took the stage at our Lido and Beach Bars at The Standard, Hua Hin.  We liked his set so much, we made him the official new Music Director for The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon. Get ready to read up on all things DJ Rui right here. 

What does it mean to be a DJ today?

Nowadays anyone can be a DJ. Technology has made it easier and more affordable. Being a DJ in 2022 doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Yet, to me being a DJ means you are able to read and adapt to each bar, club, and crowd to ensure that guests and staff have a great time. That will never change.

What is the weirdest part about being a DJ?

The fact that some parents book DJs for their kid’s 3 year old birthday parties. It has happened to me a few times...good money though.

Describe a day in the life of a DJ:

DJs are people just like anyone else, except with different schedules. If I think about it, we have the same schedules as bartenders, waiters, receptionists, or even some bus drivers. Sleep, eat, a lot of music, eat, perform, repeat.

If you hadn’t made it as a DJ, what do you think you would’ve done instead?

I wouldn’t say I made it as a DJ. I am lucky to have recently started my dream job which also includes djing.

What do you find most interesting about the music scene in Bangkok?

Bangkok offers a wide variety of venue types and music genres, which is something that you don’t find in many European cities.

What is your vision for your new role as Music Director for The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon?

Being the Music Director for The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon is a big challenge due to the weight of the brand’s name, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to do things differently. The vision and goal is to make our hotel a platform for artists to express themselves, and for guests to discover what both the local and international scene has to offer.

How can music set the scene and tone for a hotel?

Music is present in every aspect of our lives. We listen to music when we work out, cook, travel, work, relax, watch TV, wait for a call-center agent to pick up, cry, dance, and even when we sleep. It’s important to consider all of the other aspects that set the tone before the music. The same song can have a completely different impact when played in a different environment. Playing the right song at the right time, in the right space, to the right people while they enjoy incredible food, drinks, design, and views, that's the key to success. 

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