Purification Rituals at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

You feeling gross? Us, too. 
Recent happenings have left us feeling all kinds of unpleasant, which feels fitting since we've been exploring all things dirty. We don't know about you, but we don't want to feel like this anymore. Good thing there's no place more equipped to purify and clean  than The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.

The miracle-makers that make up the staff of the Spa want to help you with your emotional baggage just as much as the physical baggage you walk in with, and thanks to our host of spa treatments, classes, and facilities, you are guaranteed to leave feeling lighter, cleaner, and more ready to manage life's dirty stuff. Here's how to best rid your mind, body, and soul of all things dirty at the Spa.


Sometimes you have to strip down in public and rub mud all over your body to get squeaky clean skin. This isn't a ruse to get you nakey, we swear. 

In a secluded outdoor area by the pool, rub your whole body and face down with your choice of one of our three mud masks, relax in a lounge chair as it dries, then rinse it off in one of our claw-footed tubs. Our three algae-infused mud masks (Red Earth Detoxifying Mud, Purifying Golden Body Mud, and Spirulina Smoothing Mud) tighten up the pores, banish blotchiness, clear toxins, and even out your skin tone. And it's DIY—giving you even more alone time to think about how good you have it. $40 per serving


Three pools of different temperatures, and lucky you, your body will hate you for only one of them.

Our three outdoor pools—the Infinity Pool (80º-86ºF), Roman Waterfall Hot Tub (100º-103ºF), and Arctic Plunge (50º-60ºF)—used successively will help you loosen up your muscles and get your lymphatic fluid pumping to clean out impurities from your body. You won't need much time in the Arctic Plunge Pool—thirty seconds to a minute in there is all you'll need. Complimentary to hotel guests, members, and those with Pool Day Passes.


You want to get clean? Put rocks all over your body. 

The Hot + Cold Stone treatment does just that on top of a 60- or 90-minute Standard Massage. Hot and cold stones are placed on areas where you hold stress, as well as chakra points on the body. The hot stones help to relax your muscles even more than massage can alone; the cold stones cause your blood vessels to constrict, which stimulates the nervous system and detoxifying process in your muscles. You'll leave feeling like a newborn baby. 75 minutes- $200, 90 minutes- $235.


This one's for all you lazies out there that need someone else to detox every inch of you. 

You'll start by soaking in a detoxifying bath to prepare your skin for the subsequent vigorous salt scrub, which is then followed by a toning wrap that stimulates the elimination of toxins from your body. After these three stages, you'll have the choice of a 60- or 90-minute massage with a detox body oil. 120 minutes- $335, 150 minutes- $385.


Your face is your tell—when you're stressed, your face gives you away. It's basically a dirty snitch. Good thing we hate snitches. 

In this skin-illuminating facial, we use crystals and minerals to unclog your pores, even out your skin tone, intensely hydrate your skin, and massage you with crystal wands. You'll leave with a clean slate. Price?


If you want to shed your skin both physically and figuratively, we have a person for that. That person can even be a man with a bun if you wish. Whatever you want. 

Get a full-body scrub to detox your skin. Your body will thaaaank you. Check out our signature scrub, the Turkish Hamam Rub & Scrub, where you lie down on the warm tiles of the Hamam as a practitioner gently scrubs every inch of you (except those inches). It'll get your blood flowing. We consider this treatment complete when paired with yoga or a massage. 30 minutes- $115.


A wise woman once said, "Needles in your face, pleasure in your base."

According to traditional Chinese medicine, stress builds up in the 14 energy meridians located throughout the body, and unblocking these passages allows your mind and body to live at its ultimate potential. Well thank your lucky stars that The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers acupuncture, which restores this balance in your body and helps you with pain, stress, and tension relief and ultimately freeing you from that negative energy you carry around with you. Initial consultation- $220, 45-min follow up- $125.


We call it "Soul Temple" for a reason—we mean business and like everyone on a reality show, we're not here to make friends. Just kidding. Please be friends with us. 

This four-step spa treatment incorporates all five of our spa spaces (the Hamam and its nearby soaking tubs, Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Scrub Room, and Sound Shower) and allows for total mind and body detox.

You'll start with a full body scrub in the Scrub Room with a purifying mint silt wash and lemon-coffee-blossom-olive stone scrub. Then completely relax during a cardamom amber oil massage. Back in the Hamam, you’ll detoxify with a clay polish, and then finish in a neroli cypress bath soak. 120 minutes- $300, 150 minutes- $350.

And one more quickie tip for you....
If you're looking for a quickie, get a little extra lift with a B-12 shot, which helps boost your energy, metabolism, mood, immune system, mental clarity, and stamina. $30.

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