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Designer Dossier: Maria ke Fisherman

Soon after meeting at a party in Madrid, Victor Alonso and Maria Lemus moved to Greece in search of new inspiration, and found it in a lonely English fisherman. "We spent some very special days with him, listening to the same music over and over and changing the red geranium he wore behind his ear," Alonso told us. Maria "fell in love," and Marie ke Fisherman was born, "ke" means "and" in Greek. Their first collection shown was Spring '11 in Madrid, since then the duo have dressed Miley Cyrus, P. Diddy, and Kanye West in their futuristic "ready-to-wear." Think modern Tokyo meets late-'90s Hollywood.

A few words to describe the collection?
Toy, bold, mogul, future-is-now, 10's, sweet.

Inspiration images?

Do you sketch your designs?
We are awful at sketching. We brainstorm together and then create digital sketches.

Favorite piece?
Pants with a denim cut and seams, made of custom 3D synthetic hair in pastel tones brought from Korea, with optic white embroidered denim contrasts.

Kayne West and P. Diddy are fans. Not too shabby.
They can have whatever they want. The idea of them choosing our work means a lot to us.

Do they inspire what you design?
We think we design for ourselves. Our work is a product of our lives. The design is within ourselves and nourishes from our experiences. We feel unconsciously linked to them and to those we like.

Is there anyone you'd love to dress?
Kiko Mizuhara!

YouTube inspiration?

Is there something you've always wanted to do, but have never done?
To live in a boat.

The first thing you think of in the morning?
I wish I could keep sleeping.

If you could live at The Standard which one would you pick?
The Standard, High Line, of course.

OK the show is over, time for a vacation or back to the grindstone?

Right this way …

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