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Design Dossier: Azede-Jean Pierre

New York designer Azede Jean-Pierre worked at Ralph Rucci and Ohne Titel before launching her label last year. She submitted to our designer questionnaire letting us in on the inspiration behind her very colorful collection shown at The Standard, Highline.

Is there an image that defines your latest collection?

What’s your favorite Vimeo video?

Got Muck? from Khaled Sultani on Vimeo.

Have you ever taken a dip in Le Bain’s jacuzzi?
No, but it sounds delightful!

What’s the last book that inspired you?
House of Mirth by Edith Walton

Do you sketch your designs?

If you could live at The Standard which one would you pick?
The Standard, High Line, of course.

What inspired this collection?
Our inspiration for the Spring 2014 collection stems from the idea of playing God & becoming Mother Nature. Developing and designing with nature’s wild aesthetic; keeping things as logical and controlled as nature does with functionality. Nature is a constant inspiration for me and this season the focus is on the smaller majority; with a slightly humorous approach to insects, bugs, deep sea animals and their role on this planet.

What’s your favorite piece in the new collection?
Well that would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?

You were selected to be a MilkMade designer. How has it changed your career?
It is such a wonderful opportunity to show with MilkMade. They have a very supportive program and we are so very thankful that they allowed us to show with them. It is our first time showing at NYFW, so obviously they have already been a big part of the company.

What’s your favorite childhood movie?
Little Rascals

What other designers’ shows are you looking forward to this fashion week?
Ohne Titel, Ralph Rucci

What do you do the morning of your show?
Make sure everything is in place, and try to relax!

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