Fashion Week

Checking in with French Vogue's Jennifer Neyt

One of our favorite parts of Fashion Week is all the familiar faces checking into the hotel. The Vogue Paris team is here doing their fashion thing and the lovely online editor, Jennifer Neyt, spared a few minutes to chat about travel secrets, favorite New York shops, and where to find the best french fries in world.

Où peut-on vous croiser quand vous êtes à New-York et que vous ne travaillez pas?
Where might we find you when you're not working?

I’m always working! But after a long day of fashion shows I like to go to The Living Room at The Standard, High Line to drink a spicy Bloody Mary (my favorite cocktail) while editing the video of the day with my cameraman Chris.

Un spot en particulier à recommander?
A spot in particular that you would like to recommend?

I love Anthropologie, not far from The Standard, where you can find a lot a little gifts to bring back home for friends and family.

Qu’est-ce vous aimez faire lorsque vous séjournez au Standard?
What do you like to do when you are staying at The Standard?

Opening the curtains in the morning on the wonderful view outside my room, chilling in the sun on the terrace during the summertime, buying Mast Brothers Chocolate and Salt & Pepper puppies at the shop for my friends and family. Most of all, I love to order a giant bacon-cheese burger from room service, late at night, after a long day of work. The french fries are the best in the world. And well, I’m french, so you can trust me.

Very chic candy, Les Anis de Flavigny in rose.

Qu’avez-vous aimé cette année sur les défilés ? Pouvez-vous nous annoncer la couleur?
What did you like this season on the runaways? Can you already give us the tone?

I loved the black & white kaleidoscopic print trend that we saw on every catwalk this season. And the comeback of the 60s/70s silhouettes. I love long legs most of all. And I think flared jeans really flatter the body (mine at least). I just bought a pair of jeans from Seafarer, the original brand that sort of invented the flared jeans for the navy. The large bottoms of the pants were made this way in order for the mariners to roll up their jeans when they have to walk in the water.

Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans la valise d’une rédactrice du Vogue France?
What’s in the suitcase of a Vogue Paris Editor?

A Mason & Pearson brush, my Liberty London wash bag, Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream, my Hermès perfumes (I wear Jardin Sur Le Nil, Eau Des Merveilles and recently Jour d’Hermès), Marvis ginger and jasmine mint toothpaste, the « Orgasm blush » by Nars, Opalis shampoo, A.P.C. loafers to wear on the plane, Warby Parker x Standard sunglasses [That is not product placement. We swear!], lots of small leather pouches to keep my passport, flight tickets, etc. from A.P.C. or American Apparel, and Les Anis de Flavigny candy drops in violet, rose, jamsine and orange blossom flavors (my guilty pleasure).

Quel est l’objet qui ne vous quitte pas lorsque vous voyagez?
Something you never travel without?

My notebooks. I’m really afraid of forgetting things, so I right down every single thought and idea. I buy my notebooks at Deyrolle, the legendary taxidermy store in Paris. They edit small notebooks with old pedagogical illustrations of animals on the cover.

Votre playlist de Fashion Week?
What’s your playlist of the week?

"We Are Knights", The entire album.


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