Stan D'Arde

Brunch, Bubbles and Beats

When one has a cocktail with breakfast during the week, they call it alcoholism. But when you do it on the weekend, it's called brunch! Who knew??

A good brunch should be simple, to the point and drowned in bubbles - a rule I try to employ at all of the hotels. Take The Standard, Hollywood's weekend brunch for instance, princes the world over have swooned over a bite of our Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. And the Eggsadilla is the stuff legends are made of. But forget the food for now, the most important part of a good brunch is, of course, the champagne. The pop of a bottle is music to my ears.

Here's to an endless symphony!!

Come to The Standard, Hollywood on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm for your bottomless mimosa brunch. But make sure to wear bottoms because we can't serve you otherwise.


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