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Boris the Bartender and His Famous Empanadas

Boris, hard at work, slinging empanadas

One of our favorite things of all time… Boris’s Empanadas at The Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill. Boris has become a much valued part of The Standard family, not only as a bartender but also as the genius behind our favorite little empanadas. Here’s a few tips from the master empanada chef himself. But first, we asked Chef Mark about how he discovered Boris Doli'c's empanadas.

Boris' Empanadas

Executive Chef, Mark Zeitouni: “Boris has been supplying empanadas for years at one of our former sister properties. When he started bartending here I made the connection with the empanadas and the man behind them. I was thinking of adding more finger food to the menu and looked over at Boris and said, 'your empanadas should be on the menu, not just for catering!' My favorite is the goat cheese and mushroom and the spinach and cheese. The guest’s favorite is the chicken which is a classic.”

The Standard: How long have you been working at The Standard Spa, Miami?

Boris: I've been working at The Standard since September 2010. I always liked the Standard environment.

What do you love about working here?

I love the environment, the gorgeous view, the people, and the customers are always very nice.

You're also a fantastic bartender... Do you have any "Boris" signature cocktails that you can share with us?

Yes, I do. The Spice Lemon Drop… Jalapeno, sugar, citron vodka and lemonade.

Your empanadas delicious! How did you get into making them? What different varieties have you made?

I always loved cooking, but my dad and my mom had a big influence on me about that, my dad had a passion for Central European cuisine while my mom had a passion for baking. One day I decided to share my food creations with friends, so I decided to throw a party for some friends and cooked empanadas. Everybody at the party loved them and they told me that I really should start a new venture cooking empanadas. They told me that for sure my empanadas will be a success due to my gourmet ingredients, my passion for food and my dedication to make empanadas never created before... That's how everything started.

I have more than 30 varieties of empanadas. The most popular are: Mushrooms & Goat Cheese, Spinach & Feta cheese, Chicken, Shredded Beef and Somosas.

Chalkboard by Marcello Ibanez

Can you share some of the recipes or they are top secret?

I can share some of the ingredients for the mushrooms empanadas: Champignons mushrooms, baby portobellos, onion, garlic, red pepper, green pepper, thyme leaves, goat cheese, and the most important things: always first quality ingredients, passion, and consistency.

Do you have any funny stories from working at The Standard, Miami? Any funny empanada stories?

Well, after Chef Mark gave me the opportunity of adding my empanadas on The Lido Restaurant Menu nobody knows me anymore as Boris. Now when they see me they scream "Boris Empanadas," or just "Empanadas." My co-workers, the customers, everybody calls me like that!

Second best empanadas in Miami?

The one flavor empanadas of the Go-Go Cafe in Miami Beach.

Do you do catering?

Yes, I do. If you want more info about my empanadas, or you would like to hire my catering for your event, please send me an email.

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