Your August Horoscope: Benevolence Through Turbulence

As we arrive at the halfway mark of an extremely challenging year, our in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, advises benevolence, self-care, action and empathy to navigate through the chaos and discover order and peace both within ourselves and the world. The marathon isn't over. Keep moving.
We are at the halfway mark of 2020.  This year is like running a marathon without any training; you're not sure if you'll make it to the end. I promise that you will with determination and resilience.  And you'll be stronger, kinder, and full of pride once you reach the finish line.  

August brings intensity to the race, which heats up as the month progresses. Mars, the planet of action and energy, collides with the big boss planets, Pluto and Saturn.  The result is a trifecta, celestial power play.  These dueling energies reflect our current political situation. Think of the peaceful protestors facing off against armed militia. Pluto represents control and destruction. He's dictatorial in nature.  But he also shines a spotlight on the ugliness that needs to be healed, from racism to corruption. Mars is the individualist warrior, at its best, offers protection, and defends against injustice.  In its highest vibration, Mars can be our spiritual warrior during this new paradigm we are entering in history.  You have to choose which personal battles you want to fight versus laying down your sword. Will you be like Mars?  Stand up for what you believe in. Keep on moving forward as the marathon isn't quite over.   

Yet, a bright ray of light shines through on August 18th, when the yearly new moon lands in Leo. Ruled by the sun, Leo radiates warmth. A magnanimous leader, Leo also governs our hearts and amplifies themes of generosity, joy, and optimism. This alignment expands our potential and demands that we share our good fortune.  Engage in the highest levels of self-care.  Think of ways to give to yourself and others. Who is really struggling right now? If you are able can you help?  Deliver a meal to neighbors; call a lonely senior; check in with coworkers; smile through your mask. Benevolence will get us through these tumultuous times. Kindness, empathy, love, and happiness are infectious. This is what we need to spread. 
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, August calls for reinvention. Mars, the planet of desire and action, lands in your sign.  He's like a brilliant CEO, bringing out your best self--and your inner warrior to get through these crazy times. Mars rules your first house of self-identity, appearance, and image in the world.  He hangs in Aries until January 6, 2021. So, you've got the next six months to shake things up and take a stand for what you believe in.  Mars will also be challenging the big boss planets, Saturn and Pluto.  You'll see this tension play out most in your career sector.  After months of quarantine, you are primed to get back to work. Don't expect things to return to pre-COVID times. Envision new, innovative ways to accomplish your work goals.  Remind yourself to practice patience as things take longer than you'd ideally like. And watch your hot temper. This August, people are on edge, yelling at each other for not wearing a mask or fighting with an annoying "Karen."   I advise stockpiling CBD to last through November.  For some summer fun and levity, enjoy the yearly new moon in Leo, which arrives on August 18th.  It activates the house of joy, romance, kids, and creativity.  Indulge Aries, and have some fun!  There's only so much intensity you can handle.  

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, August is calling you home. This last month of summer doesn't offer much relief from our turbulent times.  But your home provides a sanctuary and safe place. The yearly new moon in Leo activates your fourth house of home and family.  Relish in the comforts of both, especially to escape the constant COVID.  Your home is your place of pride, Taurus.  You'll be motivated to make home improvements, find DIY projects, and add luxurious touches like high-thread-count sheets or freshly-cut flowers. Spend time with family; if you can not see them in person, FaceTime, Zoom, just connect. You'll need each other more than ever.  Leo's new moon energy encourages the bonding and deepening of family relationships.  Even if you're over each other after months at home, you can expect fewer arguments and meltdowns.  Still, be mindful of becoming too emotionally possessive.  You can hold on to a person or thing for dear life; this isn't one of your more redeeming qualities, Taurus.  Do whatever is necessary to ensure your happy home and family, now more than ever.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, inspire us this August.  The month begins with a shining new light, the yearly new moon in Leo.  Leo hooks up with your ruler, Mercury, the planet of communications. The Leo energy activates your 3rd house of learning, community, and attitude. Gemini, this is like nirvana for you.  As the disseminator of information, you thrive when sharing knowledge. Your endless curiosity and passion for education often lead to positive change.  As we live in times of intense uncertainty and false information, we need this highest expression of Gemini.  Please find ways to uncover the truth, exchange facts, and speak up.  During this potent lunation, you can deepen your knowledge base.  Take one of the free online classes; learn a new language; master an instrument; get involved in the community; start a social media blog or networking page.  When it comes to attitude, it is a challenging time to stay centered.  Your antidote?  Expand your mind and keep it sharp.  And get outside of yourself.  What cause are you supporting?  Hint, hint... the election is 95 days away.  Whether at home, work, or in your local community, spread your learnings this month.   We depend on you to keep us up-to-date and honest, Gemini!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Challenge yourself, Cancer!  On August 18th, the joyous New Moon of the year lands in Leo. This annual lunar event activates your 2nd house of money and talents. Leo's energy is heartfelt, generous, and dramatic.  How wonderful!  Cancer, take advantage of this much-needed levity and positivity. During these unprecedented times, you may have to reinvent yourself.  You could be seeking new ways to generate income, work from home, or find creative pursuits that fill your soul.  Cancer, you are so shrewd in business; now is the opportunity to take a chance on yourself. Mars, the planet of action and energy, activates your 10th house of career. Along with Leo, Mars showers you with optimism and confidence.  Listen, a hobby you love can turn into a thriving business.  I know that may sound scary but take a leap.  Walking out the door these days is risky, so you've got nothing to lose. What are you so good at doing that time flies by?  Give it real thought.  Creative energy is riding high, waiting to be harnessed.  Transform those talents into something lucrative and beneficial. The stars are begging you to do what you genuinely love.  When everything seems chaotic, Cancer, share your gifts for the common good!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Happy Birthday, Leo! The universe celebrates with the best New Moon of the year landing in your sign and lighting up this birthday season. You, Leo, will be lighting up everything you touch. August is the month to share your signature charisma, creativity, and entertaining spirit.  2020 has been surreal and not letting up; so, we all could use a dose of Leo love. I am asking you to give a gift to the world on this birthday occasion.  Good qualities are infectious.  No COVID. We need you to spread Leo's confidence, kindness, and joy. Energy begets energy!  Host a socially distant gathering; zoom with the family member living alone; start a new class on a topic you love.  If you aren't experiencing joy of your own, maybe it's time for reinvention.  The stars are all lined up to support your dreams. With creativity at its peak, you can design the life you want, regal lions and lionesses.  Your heart is big and bold.  Please, it to inspire positive change on this special birthday, Leo!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, can you feel it?  August is an intense month, reactivating the planets from January, a.k.a., COVID Cluster.  August invites you to take a pause. Virgo, you are an empath, sensitive to others' suffering, and there's a lot!  So, please limit your news intake, find ways to disengage, and recharge your batteries. Virgos are being called to slow down and relax. Replenish yourself; ground in nature, one of the few safe places these days. The yearly new moon in Leo arrives in your 12th house of solitude, intuition, and spiritual transcendence. Your inner world is dancing in the shadows. This fiery energy is also highly creative. Get lost in your imagination and hang out there for a while; it will be a welcome respite. You may also come up with great new ideas in the process. Your highest virtue is to be of service.  While dwelling in quiet, think of ways to give back--to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, even masked strangers.  Helping others also helps nourish your soul.  The world needs your sensitivity, Virgo, especially now. 

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, the world needs more of your diplomatic dogma!  August is a turbulent month. But we've had enough negativity, so let's focus on the positive.  On August 18th, the yearly new moon in Leo aligns with Mercury and both cozy up to Mars.  This conjunction forms a celestial love fest.  It's creative and happy.  Yes, it's true, even in this unreal year of 2020.  Leo is where you'll shine, find joy, and connect to others. This energy activates your 11th house of community and future aspirations. Libra, as the consummate peacemaker, you need to get out there and network to spread fairness, and help solve problems. You feel every injustice personally.  With polarization and divisiveness threatening our society, you have an important role to play.  Please consider getting involved in the 2020 election; it's only 95 days away.  Lend time to a charitable cause with like-minded people who inspire you.  Sit down and write some op-eds from your balanced point of view.  We'll follow your lead, Libra.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, how flexible are you?  Well, for the next few months, I hope you'll practice mental yoga. The biggest lesson of 2020 is learning to be adaptable, Scorpio.  You're a fixed water sign, not easily swayed, sometimes immovable.  Resistance will not help you navigate these turbulent times.  August is another challenging month, with clashes between both of your rulers, Mars and Pluto. The energy can be volatile; keep your cool and stand in your power. Scorpio, you were made to deal with a surreal year like 2020.  You don't shy away from challenges; you're resilient, focused, and intuitive. Remember that when rocked off-center: bend and flow.  On August 18th, the new moon lands in Leo and aligns with Mercury.  This conjunction activates your 10th house of career, public image, and mission in the world. The COVID pandemic has led to unemployment, furloughs, or changes in your work life. This potent new moon generates positive movement and transformation regarding career.  With Leo ruling this part of your chart, it is critical to have passion for what you do professionally.  What type of work will make your soul sing?   Think creatively, Scorpio.  Be willing to take a risk; if you stay flexible, you should be able to reap the rewards. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, things are looking up.  Parts of the month will still be brutal; and the pressure cooker we are feeling here in the States will continue. Yet, August finally brings some lighter days. On August 18th, the yearly new moon arrives in Leo, activating your 9th house of long-distance travel, learning, philosophy, and the law.  With Leo in your chart, you can easily find joy.  Nothing makes your heart swoon more than gaining another stamp on your passport or meeting a brilliant thinker who expands your worldview. Since borders are closed and we aren't welcome tourists right now, international travel isn't an option. But if you can, plan a different kind of excursion.  Pack up the car and go on a road trip.  National park?  Take a virtual journey to a destination you've always dreamed of visiting.  It's not nearly the same as in-person but you'll save money.  Or put on your Adidas' and walk around a new neighborhood you've never explored. Sag, this is the time to be creative in order to satiate your wanderlust. It won't be forever.  Enroll in an online course; school yourself in the history of racism; connect with people from other cultures. This Leo lunation is meant to inspire hope and ignite your mind.  As the most optimistic sign of the Zodiac, we're counting on you to share what you learn.  We all need something to look forward to, Sag.    

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, you hold the power!  Halfway through this surreal year, you model how to survive 2020 with both grit and grace, Cap. August brings tension in the sky; you'll feel the pressure.  But with Cap's signature tenacity and strength, you weather it well.  Things lighten up on August 18th when the annual new moon lands in Leo.  This positive lunation is aligned with Mercury, planet of ideas, and communication.  It activates your 8th house of intimacy and finances.  August is an ideal time to refinance your home, secure lower interest rates, and creatively invest your money. This house also rules irrational fears and obsessions. Rest assured, Leo, it sparks joy and wants you to be happy, not crazy.  We have enough craziness.  Instead, have more sex; it's the perfect antidote to OCD and chaos.  Venus, planet of love, moves into your 7th house of committed relationships.  For those in relationships, reignite the passion and spark with your partner.  Shake things up after so many months at home.  Single Caps, love in the time of Corona is more complicated; tap into Mars' creative energy for new ideas.  Get ready to enjoy the financial and sexual windfalls coming your way, Capricorn!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, keep it real!  August kicks off with the yearly full moon in your sign, activating the first house of self-identity. This lunation forces you to look inward and create meaningful change.  You'll have the gift of self-awareness; use it wisely.  At the same time, the full moon creates tension with your ruler, Uranus. Get ready for frustrations and discomfort in your pursuit of change. Still trust in the process that will clarify what you need to shift in becoming a more authentic version of yourself.  Aquarius, authenticity, however, expressed, is essential to your happiness.  While the first half of August focuses on your relationship to self, the latter half spotlights your relationships with others, business and personal.  On August 18th, the best new moon of the year lands in Leo, your opposite sign.  This alignment activates the 7th house of romantic and professional partnerships. Mars,  planet of action, is in harmony with this lunation.  This is a time to let new people and new ideas into your life.  Positivity abounds.  Those partnered, shower your person with love and compassion.   Single Aquarians, it's more complicated given COVID, but get creative and get online for a FaceTime date or Zoom meetup.  We all need to connect and rock authenticity right now.  You dear Aquarius, who always marches to your own beat, can help lead the way. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, make a move!  As 2020 keeps on challenging, August gifts you with some levity in between the tumult.  On August 18th, the yearly new moon arrives in good-spirited Leo.  This moon aligns with Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication. Add the influence of Mars, planet of motivation, and action.  The result is a remarkably positive and harmonious lunation!  What a happy landing.  This alignment activates your sixth house of self-care, pets, work, and the daily grind.  Fall back in love with, and, treat yourself this month, Pisces.  With many still working from home, it is an ideal time to rescue a furbaby.  It's also the month to ramp up your self-care regimen.  Exercise; swim; dance; just find joy in movement.  Work opportunities can develop through new connections and new ideas. Stay open. Network; use those seemingly endless Zoom calls to identify opportunities.  Leo energy wants you to love what you do.  Do you?  If not, take inventory of your skills set and creatively think of how to apply them to a job.  Capitalize on this rare celestial occasion to transform your life in the direction you want to go.  Be kind to yourself, sweet Pisces, as it will lead to greater kindness for others.  


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