Andy Warhol Thinks Inside our Box

Andy Warhol often referred to the Sony camera strapped around his neck as his “date” at parties. With that in mind, The Standard, Hollywood is excited to present The James Hedges Collection of Andy Warhol photographs sponsored by Artistic Endeavors. The photographs are currently installed in The Box and were on display in the Lobby of the hotel on opening night. In a fitting Warhol tribute, the opening night party hosted by Kanon Vodka was complete with elaborate fashion choices and, naturally, celebrity guests.

The Box at The Standard, Hollywood featuring a collection of Andy Warhol photographs

The collection of Andy Warhol photographs featured two distinct types of Andy Warhol's photographic output. The first, which were located around the lobby during the opening party, are his iconic color Polaroids of celebrities and society figures, factory favorites, and freaks. The second, little known and rarely exhibited, are featured in The Box and are a collection of black-and-white 16x19s detailing Warhol's personal trips and intimate encounters.

Dennis Hopper had a place of honor in our lobby during the opening party.

The role-call of celebrities found in the photos included John Lennon, Sylvester Stallone, Carolina Hererra, Dennis Hopper, Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, friends in drag, and some rather somber, black-shadowed photos of Warhol himself.

Close up of The Divine Miss M, part of the installation in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood.

The collection of Andy Warhol photographs will be on display in The Box of The Standard, Hollywood through Mid-February.

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