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What You Missed at Camp Standard

Ever since Bruce Weber took over The Standard back in 2008 for a "Summer Camp" photo spread, we have been dying to do our very own Camp Standard and the 10-year weekend celebration was the perfect excuse. Here are our 10 favorite moments. 
10. Susan Miller got all the Virgos excited for their 'Emerald Year.' Not sure what that is, but clearly Solange took note (even though she is a Cancer.) 
9. Those who didn’t sneak away to the Madonna concert were treated to the stunning instrumentals and vocals of Marques Toliver at the Saint Heron Soul Cleansing event in the Lido Lounge. 
8. Fitness guru Nicole Winhoffer gave a dance class in the yoga studio and everyone got really into it. 
7. It’s not camp without a camp fire.
6. There was a walk-off in the Hamam. Bowie was there in spirit. 
5. The water balloon toss quickly turned into a full-on water balloon war. 
4. A canoe in the pool, because who wants to walk all the way around?
3. Tie dying with Baja East, so you could literally be three sheets to the wind 
2. Solange gave a magical performance in the garden. Her encore of 'Losing You' possibly altered the course of human history. 
1. Best...Lazy...Sunday...BBQ...Ever! Everyone lost it when Likki Ly's, “I Follow Rivers” remixed by The Magician came on. Check out this Instagram and this one.  That is what we call a crowd at full froth. 
Until next year campers! Digital photos by WorldRedEye and Polaroids by Laura Nolte 

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