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Konner Scroggins Brings a Splash of Color with Birdhouse at The Standard Spa, Miami

Konner Scroggins of To Be Determined brings a splash of color with Birdhouse at The Standard Spa, Miami.

The Standard: How did the birdhouses come about? 

KS: The birdhouses were made to throw color onto landscapes. My backyard has a lot of green vegetation and I wanted to brighten the space up.  I’ve used acrylic before during photos to add color in certain points and wanted to use that same language to cast colors through out my backyard.  I thought through objects that exist in landscapes and could be replaced with acrylic. The birdhouse was the perfect solution.

How do you pick your colors and materials? 

I pick my colors through feeling. Fluorescent acrylic is a material that is very attractive when caught in the right light.  The material when lit correctly is mesmerizing and will hold someone for a second or two for a moment to breathe. I enjoy choosing materials based on an end result.  I also work with concrete but use it on products such as ash trays or tea light candle holders.  My material choice follows the function of the product.

Describe your ideal bird scenario here at The Standard?

The ideal bird scenario at The Standard is a conglomerate of song birds.  I believe the natural music from birds would compliment the visuals created with the acrylic birdhouses. 

How do the bird houses fit within the larger context of your studio?

The main material that TBD studio uses is acrylic.  I enjoy the colors acrylic casts and how it can make someone feel.  The birdhouses fit into the larger context of what TBD is practicing; creating an environment that makes one happy.  I want people to craft their space and feel comfortable where they are.  Color is an important part to any space and we feel the fluorescent colors can brighten someones day. 

Do you have a favorite bird? 

A favorite bird of mine is the Cardinal. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and Cardinals were very present there.  The deep red feathers would always contrast with the green and brown trees.

Dream project? 

A dream project of mine would be to create an installation or stage design for MoMa PS1 during the summer.   Their built environment for the past years has always interested me. The last installation of Hórama Rama was amazing.

Anything you want to share?

A quick note I’d like to share is to practice happiness.  I believe people today find happiness is something found or earned rather than practiced.  I think its important to practice gratitude and choosing to be happy in a hard time.  The products I make and colors I choose is to help curate my environment and promote happiness. 

"The birdhouses fit into the larger context of what TBD is practicing; creating an environment that makes one happy." - Konner Scroggins


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