Le Scaf

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848 Washington at 13th Street, New York 10014


Honestly, summer can be overrated. Like, especially when you’re trying to have a nice cocktail or bite to eat outside. 

Your food can get all hot and weird, ice melts too quickly, and there’s a 97% chance you’ve forgotten to wear sunglasses. Yuck! 

That’s why we’re here with Manhattan’s coolest open-air spot, where the sun literally does not shine. Strategically covered in scaffolding (we did it on purpose, promise) and safely protected from the sun’s harsh rays, Le Scaf brings the best of the season into the shade. 

Plus, it’s truly nothing like any of those other precious sunny street side cafés that’ll leave you sweaty and burned. Think, like, industrial warehouse club meets 1950’s backyard pool fantasy, topped off with Coney Island concessions. With lots of metal. 

Honestly, everyone loves chaos and we’re here to deliver. All this summer fun with no SPF required. Vive Le Scaf!


For Pix on The Plaza (Sun-Tues &
Thurs-Sat) click HERE

For Thrivia! With Thorgy Thor (Wed) click HERE

For Shady Drag Brunch (Sun) click HERE

Please note that per the Key to NYC policy, it is mandated that proof of vaccination (at least one dose) be provided for indoor drinking & dining.

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