Executive Sous Chef

Primary Functions:

·         Check Main Items for Dinner Service and make sure they are ready for use

·         If something is missing, take care of problem immediately

·         Supervise and assist staff as they prep for dinner shift

·         Monitor the cleanliness of each station, make sure that they maintain their work areas

·         Must make sure the kitchen stays open until all tables have food including dessert

·         Maintain and encourage respect between kitchen and front of the house

·         Coordinate with FOH manager to communicate 86’s, specials and end of the night checkout

·         Must inspect every plate for proper seasoning, temperature and neatness before it leaves the kitchen

 Required Skills/Qualifications:

·         A minimum of 2 years prior experience in similar position

.         Advanced knife skills and advanced knowledge of food

·         Work well under pressure

·         Ability to stay organized and maintain sanitation standards

·         Ability to assess, adapt and overcome problems

·         Command of the English language, multi-lingual is helpful

 Physical Requirements:

·         Must be able to work standing for a minimum period of 10 hours per day.

·         Periodical bending, kneeling and stretching is required.

·         Pull, push, move, carry and lift at least 40 pounds of force is required.

·         Must be able to seize, grasp, turn and hold objects with hands.

·         Will be exposed to hot and cold temperature extremes.

·         Must be able to move, pull, carry and lift at least 50 pounds of force.

·         Occasionally kneeling, sitting, crouching and climbing.

·         Must be able to hear and speak clearly to communicate with guests and co-workers

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