Prep Cook


Our mission is to create experiences by embracing and empowering a diverse collective of team members, collaborators, and guests, who chose to call The Standard home.

Position Department:

Food and Beverage

Reports To:

Direct: Executive Chef, CDC, Executive Sous Chef & Sou Chef’s

Job Purpose:

Responsible but not limited to prep and production as needed and determined by all executive culinary team members. To execute the prep and production responsibilities in a timely manner with speed, precision and care. To work as a team with all F&B employees and assist in maintaining the standards of the kitchen and its outlets set forth by the Food and Beverage director, Executive Chef and all other Chefs.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         To assist with receiving and storing of all food deliveries correctly using FIFO and labeling correctly.

·         For doing your part to help maintain the kitchen organization for equipment, walk in’s and lowboys.

·         You are accountable for assisting the Chef team to ensure kitchen equipment is in good working order and that small wares are available for all team to use.

·         The full execution of the prep lists provided by Chefs for all outlets; Grill, Cafeteria, IRD, Events, Plaza and Biergarten. To prepare all foods; grains/legumes, vegetables, fruit, shellfish, meats and all recipes as directed by Executive Chef and Sous Chefs.

·         To have all completed products approved by a Chef on duty.

·         To check out with a Chef on duty every day at the end of the shift and relay any important information regarding the prep list.

·         You are responsible for managing your timeclock responsibilities correctly or subject to HR review.

·         You are expected to arrive and clock-in on time per the weekly schedule and in uniform.

o   Uniform: Chef Pants, Work Jacket or Shirt, Non-Slip, closed toed shoes, Hat, Apron and Tools.

·         Be properly groomed according to handbook standards.

·         Clocking in late from your break will be treated the same arriving late for your shift.

·         Stay focused and calm at all times, treat all team members with respect and courtesy. Provide help to everyone in need.

·         Be willing and able to adapt to business levels per request of Chefs.

·         You are expected to be in kitchen and “on station” at all times while clocked in. To leave your station you will inform the Chef on duty of the reason.

·         Keep all tools (knives) sharp and in good working order.

·         Maintain a clean and sanitary workstation, and clean uniform.

·         Always have a red sanitation bucket with sanitizer.

·         Have a good attitude with all other team members and act professional at all times.

·         Respond immediately when asked to do something by Executive Chef or Sous Chefs.

·         Follow and respect proper food handling safety protocols.

·         Properly shelve and rotate all product according to F.I.F.O. (first in first out)

·         Assisting with receiving and storing all deliveries as they arrive.

·         Helping to maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen.

·         Properly ice down all applicable seafood and dump water as it melts.

·         Properly label and cover all food at appropriate temperatures.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills:

·         Have basic food knowledge.

·         Have prior experience in similar position.

·         Know the difference between basic knife cuts.

·         Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions.

·         Have basic knife skills.

·         Have organizational skills.

·         Have sanitation skills.

·         Command of the English language.

·         Must bring own knives and tools, specific job oriented tools will be provided.


Physical Requirements:

·         Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 50 lb. without assistance.

·         Requires grasping, writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, bending, climbing, listening and hearing ability and visual acuity.

·         Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift.

·         Reach overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping.

·         Remain in stationary position for extended periods of time.

·         Work with sharp objects in a safe manner.

·         Will be exposed to hot and cold temperature extremes.

·         Cafeteria Upkeep:



Cafeteria Upkeep: As a member of the culinary team we are in the unique positon to benefit from the hotel’s staff cafeteria but are also responsible for its offerings and upkeep. The cafeteria is the most important reflection of hospitality and care that we as Cooks and Chefs can provide, if we do not treat each other well we cannot provide excellent service and care to our guests. All culinary team members are expected to exercise awareness and assistance in maintaining high cafeteria standards from providing food, cleaning, maintenance or any other directives asked by the F&B team.


Brand Ambassador:
Throughout the hotel we actively seek to employ a unique, diverse and thoughtful group of people that are committed to delivering our unconventional brand of hospitality while also growing with us.

·         They are committed to and fully comprehend the idea of being of service;

·         They do not just delight guests, but excite them–by creating unique, unexpected & memorable experiences;

·         They are ambitious, vibrant and social/friendly individuals;

·         They genuinely embrace diversity in all forms, interested to have people from all race and gender to be their friend;

·         They encourage genuine relationships with guests that enable them to not only preempt needs but foresee desires;

·         They have personality and depth;

·         They have a desire and unyielding appetite for learning & knowledge—being in-the-know with what is happening in the city and around the world;

·         They are creative in areas like music, cinema, art, performance, fashion, design, tech and business;

·         They are engaging, socially adept and solution-based individuals able to navigate the scene with confidence and ease;

·         They are able to entertain guests in a compassionate, respectful and meaningful manner;

·         They are authentically themselves;

·         They want to play a role in constructing a kinder and better world.

Standard High Line Employer, LLC (the “Company”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employment decisions are to be made without regard to race, color, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, religion, creed, marital status, transgender status partnership status, familial status, national origin/ancestry, alienage or citizenship status, unemployment status, mental or physical disability or medical condition, handicap, military status, veteran’s status, genetic information, status as a victim of domestic violence, status as a victim of sex offenses or stalking, employment status, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law. We endeavor to select, place, train, and promote the best qualified individuals based upon job-related factors such as ability, work quality, suitability, experience, and potential.


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