Director of Sales (Based in China)

 Details of Services


Consultant shall provide one or more of the following services when ordered by Standard in writing from time to time:


·             conduct effective sales activities for the Hotels for 1 month, which shall include up-sell, cross-sell and promotion of the Hotels at every available opportunity to maximize sales revenue and updating Hotels on VIP bookings and arrivals

·             develop business leads for the Hotels

·             prepare a list of accounts to penetrate for the following month and submit such to the Contact Person

·             penetrate the list of accounts prepared by Consultant in preceding month

·             prepare update for Contact Person on market trends and business leads from the Territory

·             prepare a monthly action plan for key accounts to achieve maximum short- and long-term revenue for the Hotels and submit such to the Contact Person

·             perform a monthly review account profile on room nights production and average rate for the Hotels and share such with the Contact Person

·             submit a report on competitors’ current rate strategy, account penetration and marketing activities to the Contact Person

·             activate accounts under Consultant’s management to achieve financial and non-financial objectives

·             solicit new and existing leisure group accounts to meet and exceed revenue goals through telephone prospecting, outside sales calls, Hotel site inspections and written communications

·             attend trade and local community business events to network

·             identify and communicate ideas and customer expectations from the Territory to Contact Person

·             set up a list of actions for the Chinese market and plan as well as attend sales trips, fairs and events related to the Standard and Peri Hotels in Asia.

·             prepare and submit to Contact Person an update of ensure that all account profiles, all sales reports and any other relevant information.

·             Work with assigned Social Media Agency (currently CLA) to prove- read, articles and key-word on the official accounts not limited to WeChat, Weibo and alike.


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