Guest Relations Agent (Security)

Department: Guest Relations/ Front Office

Reporting to: Director of Front Office

Job Purpose

The Guest Relations agent is in charge of the well-being of internal and external guests in and around the property.


Duties & Responsibilities

·         Welcome guests in a friendly, prompt, and professional manner.

·         Provide guests with baggage handling and transport service upon arrival and checkout.

·         Act as a lobby ambassador and maintain door presence

·         Maintain complete awareness of:

o    Scheduled group activities and house count

o    Hotel facilities and services

o    Hours of operation

o    Facility layout

o    Fire and emergency plans

o    Departmental rules of conduct

·         Review department log records and be familiar with pertinent information relevant to all daily shifts. Review the hotel status and follow up actions with all shift agents.

·         Issue keys and equipment to designated hotel personnel (with proper authorization). Maintain accurate records and ensure the safekeeping of such in accordance with hotel procedures.

·         Ensure all non-hotel personnel arriving at employee entrance are properly documented while on the property according to hotel policy.

·         Provide escorts for employees in accordance with departmental standards.

·         Ensure that after-hours access into secured hotel areas is properly authorized, monitored, and documented in accordance with hotel standards.

·         Hand deliveries received during non-business hours following hotel procedures.

·         Work with outside agencies (i.e., police, fire departments, and emergency services) cooperatively and follow established hotel regulations.

·         Coordinate or Contact the Director of Front Office immediately for emergency situations.

·         Coordinate emergency situations as specified in the departmental manual.

·         Monitor surveillance cameras.

·         Investigate all alarms and comply with respective procedures.

·         Patrol the property, checking all designated points and documenting all actions taken in accordance with departmental standards.

·         Resolve and/or report all safety hazard situations.

·         Ensure all guest room doors are secured; assist guests with room access in accordance with hotel procedures.

·         Follow up on all suspicious persons/behavior on the hotel property in accordance with departmental procedures, and in coordination with The Standard’s policies on Harassment and Discrimination.

·         Conduct designated investigations of theft or lost items, noise, and assault complaints, food poisoning, and other guest complaints; complete documented reports in accordance with departmental procedures (with the help of HR if employee-related) and file in a timely fashion, by end of the shift at the latest.

·         Responsible for properly handling and documenting all lost or missing items from hotel guests, employees, or visitors.

·         Respond to the scene of a guest/employee accident promptly; administer first aid/CPR in accordance with guidelines and comply with all departmental procedures; communicate specified information to EMS/medical personnel as required.

·         Comply with state regulations and hotel guidelines for handling intoxicated guests

·         Maintain confidentiality of all incidents and hotel reports/documents; release information only to authorized individuals.

·         Promote positive relations with guests and employees alike.

·         Accommodate all guest requests courteously.

·         Answer the departmental telephone within 2 rings, using proper salutations and telephone etiquette.

·         Communicate by radio with designated hotel personnel in accordance with hotel standards.

·         Monitor and handle guest complaints by following procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction.

·         Monitor and maintain cleanliness and working conditions of departmental equipment, supplies, and work areas.

·         Legibly complete designated reports as specified in departmental guidelines.

·         Document all pertinent information in the daily log.

·         Complete all paperwork and closing duties before leaving.

·         Uphold all hotel policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook.

·         Observe and report all actions, incidents, events, and behaviors to the Director of Front Office.


Qualifications & Requirements

·         Understanding: Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions according to established procedures

·         Comprehension: Fluent in the English language

·         Organizational Skills: Work efficiently, utilize multi-tasking, prioritize tasks

·         Hygiene and Sanitation: Adherence to uniform, grooming, and personal hygiene standards and expectations per SOPs

·         Punctuality: Adherence to posted schedule and arrival time and attendance at mandatory meetings when scheduled

·         Responsibility: Personal comportment in line with Standard, New York policies, standards, and expectations


Physical Requirements


·         Able to traverse spaces throughout the building as necessary

·         Able to work standing for a minimum of 8 hours a day

·         Periodical bending, kneeling, and stretching

·         Able to pull, push, carry and lift at least 50 pounds

·         Must be able to seize, grasp, turn and hold objects with hands

·         Satisfactorily communicate with guests, management, and co-workers to their understanding.



·         Multi-lingual

·         1-2 years prior work experience in a related field

·         CPR Training

·         FSD Licensed / Trained

·         NYS Unarmed Security License

Salary: $23-$24/hr

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