Training Supervisor

Job Purpose:

Training supervisor of The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon oversees all training concerned and is responsible for the performance of the department in all phases of service and job functions. This role is responsible for the leadership and management of all functions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Follow company policies and procedures.

·       Track and register all training costs and programs.

·       Develop and conduct on property training program as directed by Training Manager

·       Co-ordinate cross training for all eligible employees.

·       Develop and conduct the internship program including monitoring of performance to ensure that all student trainees will be our great assets in the future.

·       Preparation of training manuals and aids as requested.

·       Preparation and action to all process that concern with Department of Skill Development – Ministry of Labor.

·       Maintain an accurate tracking system for all training.

·       Work closely with Department Head to ensure that all employee’s development plan is effective.

·       Organize and conducting Orientation including all on-boarding program.

·       Assist with the organization of meeting, trainings, outing and other employee events.

·       Assists in the interviewing and hiring of Human Resources team members with the appropriate skills as needed.

·       Ensure that all performance procedures and established standards are followed; coach and mentor performance process to ensure consistency. Establish progressive discipline procedures, conduct training for all managers and supervisors on policies and procedures and progressive discipline. Handle disciplinary problems and counsel employees and managers to hotel standards.

·       Maintain effective communication and relations with Executive Committees and Department Head.

·       Administer all employee benefits in accordance with established procedures and maintain benefits records.

·       Ensure all weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly reports are sent regularly and in a timely manner.

·       Coordinate all employee relations and social events.

·       Coordinate employee requests, questions, and concerns.

·       Maintain and keep all employees file ensuring compliance with the local and federal laws.

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