New Year's Eve in Partridge with Ali Weiss

New Year's Eve in Partridge with Ali Weiss

Pop Culture Year-in-Review: New Year's Eve in Partridge
Sun. Dec. 31
First seating: 8:30 - 10 p.m.
Second seating: 10:45 p.m. - 12:15 a.m.

Barbie, break-ups & and Britney: meet comedian & podcast host Ali Weiss in Partridge for a look-back on the most memorable pop culture moments of '23. The year-in-review trivia will include DJ sets by Isaiah Sanders and prizes (including a hotel stay!) for all of our culture connoisseurs. While you're letting out your competitive streak, dine & sip on vintage comfort food, festive cocktails & decadent NYE-only specials.


About Ali Weiss: Ali Weiss is an on-air host, comedian, and the self-proclaimed “Princess of Taboo.” Born and raised in downtown New York City, she’s known for her big eyebrows, sharp social commentary, and obsession with pop and sub-culture. Her anonymous confessions podcast Tales of Taboo is on all streaming platforms, and you can find her on Instagram & TikTok @aliweissworld.

About Isaiah Sanders
Isaiah's musical inspiration is rooted in the opportunity to reconnect with his adolescent self and express his self-identity, a chance he missed during his early years. Defining his queerness at a young age, he faced challenges due to attention deficit disorder and repressed feelings of abandonment by his birth parents. In response, he chose to downplay his artistic talents and focus on sports. Growing up queer, in addition to being a black boy from the South, was a double burden, compelling Isaiah to strive hard to avoid any more strikes against him. Upon relocating to New York, Isaiah found comfort in connecting with a spiritual guide, a shaman. This newfound connection helped him regain confidence and energy, enabling him to define who he is clearly. DJ'ing serves as Isaiah's reconnection to the various artistic and spiritual gifts within him. He is on a journey of rediscovery, aiming to share his authentic self with the world once more.

There is a $70pp minimum spend in addition to your ticket - all items will be served a la carte. Each $30 ticket includes a champagne toast & welcome drink. Please note that refunds will not be accepted within seven days of the event. Eight or more in your party? Get details on our semi-private and private dining options by emailing For all other questions, please send a note to

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