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Located just beyond the front desk and lobby, The Shop offers basic sundries as well as a unique selection of gift items, art books, periodicals, and accessories from labels like Linda Rodin, Procell, Mast Brothers, Sweet Saba, Want Essentiels, Anna Sheffield, Comme des Garçons, Mania Mania, Delfina Delettrez, Retrosuperfuture, Chakrubs, and Marley Natural. You can also find our limited edition artist collaborations including Ryan McGinness, Krink, KAWS, Todd James, Julia Chiang, José Parlá, Iván Argote and more.



New at The Shop

Nir Hod's The Night You Left is not What it Seems

<p>Nir Hod has been making for years, cycling through a variety of disciplines. He’s published a book of poetry, released music, done sculpture work but is, probably, most known for his realist paintings. His piece The Night You Left is the most famous—and controversial—of his works to date. The Standard met up with the artist to discuss his oeuvre as well as our new collaboration with the 49-year-old..&nbsp;<br></p>

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Elysium Keeps Healthy People Healthy; That's Why We Teamed up with Them

We are excited to announce our partnership with Elysium Health and our&nbsp;shared commitment to innovation. The alliance aims to support travelers by offering an option for better health especially while going through different timezones, touring cities the world over, and dancing through the night in them. Before the release, we met with Elysium Health CEO,&nbsp;Eric Marcotulli and chief scientist, Dr. Leonard Guarente to discover all those ingredients that makes Elysium so amazing...

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How a Grandfather's Old Raincoat Turned into a World Renowned Brand

On the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago, Stutterheim founder Alexander Stutterheim discovered his grandfather’s old raincoat in a barn, shortly after he passed away. This classic fisherman’s raincoat, heavy, durable and timeless, provided the inspiration for the first Stutterheim raincoat, the Arholma, and continues to inform the modern interpretations we produce today. We met with the Swedish founder to discuss the new The Standard collaboration and what memories he has about his grandfather...

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