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Our authentic Maldivian Restaurant, GUDUGUDA features traditional celebratory Maldivian food. GUDUGUDA is the Dhivehi (the local Maldivian language) noun for a special shisha water pipe, and also describes the activity of relaxing and conversing while enjoying it. 

Traditionally an activity enjoyed by women in the Maldives, we invite all our guests to relax and partake in our adjoining lounge before or after their meal. Our menus are driven by locally caught, seafood-driven dishes - flavorful coconut milk curries with carefully selected complimentary fresh spices and herbs, fresh regional fruits and vegetables, delicate and aromatic rice dishes and perfectly cooked breads. 

The restaurant is illuminated by a slatted wood screen emanating glowing light, and inside the space is dark and intimate, softened by sheer indigo drapery and natural woven rugs. Dining in the traditional style, low to the floor on cushions indoors and out, surrounded by rustic Maldivian furniture and decorations, guests are enveloped in warm, authentic hospitality that can normally only be found in domestic Maldivian spaces.

Opening 2021.

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6PM - 10PM

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