About The Library Lounge

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Nestled within our brutalist walls is in fact a library but not one you might expect. Once home to the Camden Council Library, the space has been transformed into equal parts book-filled haven and cosy lounge where you can get stuck into books from categories including order and chaos, science and religion or, one of our favourites, adult relationships. Amongst the lush greeneryand book cases is also our Sound Studio where you may find a podcast being recorded or a DJ hitting the decks. Thirsty? Hungry? Worry not, The Library Lounge has its own menu, with enough cocktails to get lost in (including some very special high balls) plus smaller bites and anytime-dishes taken from across Isla and Double Standard’s own menus. Come for a snack, stay for the books.

To keep the chill vibes flowing, please respect our 'no laptops after 6pm' policy 

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Open til 1am for non guests

Open 24hrs for hotel residents